Aug 10, 2017

Five years missing: Where is Kortne Stouffer?

It's been five years since Palmyra, Pennsylvania woman Kortne Stouffer vanished under suspicious circumstances -- and authorities don't appear to be any closer to answers than they were in the beginning. With all these years past, it's hard to see a conclusion in this case, especially with all of the confusion that surrounds it. What happened to Kortne? Will we ever know?

Stouffer went missing on July 29, 2012, after police had been called to her apartment multiple times. The Pennsylvania woman had a rough night leading up to her disappearance. She had gone out bar-hopping with friends, before she was thrown from one of the establishments. At some point during the evening she had gotten into some kind of altercation with someone, and was reportedly "fuming" when she was thrown from the bar. Her troubles for the night didn't end there.

Once she was at her apartment, Kortne Stouffer reportedly got into another altercation -- this time with one of her neighbors. She reportedly got into a fight with the neighbor, after leaving the bar angry and intoxicated, because he had called the police on her boyfriend (who was in jail at the time). At some point during the altercation, police were called, but nothing came of the incident. After authorities left the apartment, Kortne went inside and began "throwing a tantrum." The neighbor was forced to call police a second time on Kortne Stouffer, due to her stomping and shouting and creating a disturbance.

When police responded to the neighbor's second call, nobody answered their doors -- not Kortne, or the neighbor. This could be due to the fact that it was very late at night. Perhaps Kortne had calmed down and fallen asleep while intoxicated -- and maybe the neighbor also fell asleep while waiting for authorities to respond to his call. Whatever the reason may be, Kortne Stouffer disappeared at some point during that night.

There have been a variety of theories and avenues of speculation in this case -- and numerous people have had fingers pointed at them. The night Kortne Stouffer vanished, she had a male friend staying with her. This young man claimed that he had passed out in Stouffer's apartment, but when he woke up, she was gone. The neighbor, who was one of the last to see Kortne, lawyered up almost immediately after she vanished. This stirred suspicion in the public, and rightfully so. Over the course of these five years, detectives have revealed that this is indeed a homicide investigation, but Kortne Stouffer remains missing.

What do you think happened to Kortne?

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