Aug 10, 2017

Do you recognize this jewelry?

Anne Arundel County, Maryland: The remains of a woman have been located in Maryland, and authorities are looking for help identifying her. In particular, they want to know if you recognize this woman's jewelry. The pictured articles were found with the remains, which were discovered near a construction site on July 11th of this year. Do you recognize them?

Documents submitted to Namus report that the unidentified woman could've been between 18 and 40-years-old. The woman's remains were nearly skeletal at the time of discovery, making it impossible to figure out a variety of factors, such as her ethnicity, height or weight.

Also unknown at this time: Whether or not this woman died by homicide, or if her death came by natural or other means. Medical examiners believe that this woman died sometimes in 2016, but are not sharing what has led them to this conclusion.

If you think you recognize this jewelry, please immediately contact the MD Chief Med Examiner at (410) 333-3225. 

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