Aug 16, 2017

Did Paul Swenson commit suicide?

The body of missing Utah man Paul Swenson has been located, but there are very few details surrounding this latest development in his case. Authorities have, however, indicated that there were no apparent signs of play. So does this mean that the missing man took his own life?

Circumstances in the disappearance of Paul Swenson have always indicated that he was "acting strangely," when he was last seen by his loved ones. His loved ones say that he left his home while acting in a bizarre manner. Various news reports have also described him as going through a "possible mental episode" at the time of his disappearance.

Police say that the body of Paul Swenson was pulled from a body of water, bringing an end to the search that has lasted nearly a month. They also explained that his body was "in poor shape," indicating that he had been decomposing in the water for some time. This could have made it difficult to determine whether or not any foul play was present. Nonetheless, a medical examiner has ruled that foul play isn't suspected in this death.

It's highly likely that this man committed suicide, given the details that have been made public over the course of the search for him. What isn't being explained, however, is the fact that his car was parked somewhere with items inside it that did not belong to him. Hopefully investigators can bring answers to the questions that continue to surround this case.

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