Aug 6, 2017

Dad punched baby to death, drove body around in hearse

A Maryland dad has admitted to murdering his own infant son, in an absolutely horrifying case of child abuse murder. CBS News reports that Antoine Petty has pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of a child. This plea deal could put him in prison for up to 40 years, but has justice been served for the two-month-old infant that was brutally slain?

The murder took place in September 2016. The Maryland man admits to becoming enraged when his wife couldn't stop their newborn son from crying. Petty took the two-month-old infant from his wife and went outside with him. It was there that the Maryland father reportedly punched the infant in the face until he became unresponsive.

Antoine Petty admits that he and his wife observed that their son was badly injured. The child "showed signs of distress," before later dying in their care. At no point during this time did the parents ever call 911 or take the infant to any emergency care. Instead, they allowed him to die, and then put his body in their car -- a 1998 Lincoln Hearse. That is where the infant's body remained for more than 24 hours.

Approximately a month after the infant was reported missing by concerned family members (not his parents), his decaying remains were located. Antoine Petty led authorities to the location of the remains, bringing an end to the search -- and an end to the horrible secret that he and his wife had been keeping.

It must be stressed that the Maryland man could get up to 40 years of imprisonment for this horrendous crime. That means he could be released sooner than later. So does that look like justice will be served for the newborn infant that was heinously murdered and discarded like refuse? 

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