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Aug 17, 2017

Madison County, Alabama: the body of a woman has been located in the area of Ditto Landing, and now authorities are trying to identify her. If you recognize this woman's tattoos, or the clothing examples in the photos, please contact the Madison County Sheriff at (256)722-7181.

Police are indicating that the woman -- who appears to be between 30 and 40-years-old -- is a victim of homicide. They are referring to her as a victim in official reports, along with what description they can share. She was found wearing a pear of zebra-print jeggings (jeans with stretch) and a pair of high top boots. She is described as a white female with brown hair, approximately 5'1" and 110 lbs. The Sheriff's office has been unable to match her with any area missing person cases, but that doesn't mean that this isn't a missing person.
The decomposing body of 33-year-old Laura Hood was located on the side of a road near a popular Pennsylvania fairground. At the time of the discovery, on Monday, authorities weren't sure of the woman's identity, but now details have come out (along with the positive identification), that are shaping up to be the makings of a mystery. So just what happened to this young woman, and who is responsible?

Authorities in Fairfield Township, Pennsylvania have confirmed that Laura Hood was murdered. However, very few other details are available in this case. Police aren't sharing exactly how she died, nor have they mentioned whether or not they have any persons of interest. Media reports are as in-the-know as the public. This report mentions that there is no known hometown for this slain woman.

If you have any information that could help authorities in the investigation, please do not hesitate to contact police at (724)832-3240. 
The search for Kara Kopetsky is finally over, after just a little over a decade of searching. However, loved ones aren't rejoicing, and nobody is throwing a coming-home-party in this case. KCTV 5 News reports that the remains of the missing 17-year-old have been uncovered, and positively identified. While this brings an end to the search for the missing Missouri teen, this case is far from over. What happened to this young woman, and will anyone be held responsible?

The remains of Kara Kopetsky were reportedly located several months ago, following the discovery of remains belonging to another missing woman. Kopetsky's loved ones have long-believed that the remains belonged to her, and this positive identification confirms their belief.

Karla Kopetsky is going to be put to rest, after she was presumably murdered a decade ago. It's only a small comfort for this woman's family, who must now wait for potential prosecution.

It should be noted that one particular person has always stood out as a person of interest in Kara's disappearance. Kylr C Yust had dated the young woman before she vanished, and he had been the target of a protective order she had sought from the courts. Yust has also been connected to the disappearance and death of Jessica Runions (whose remains were located near Kopetsky's). It looks like the walls are closing in on Yust. Hopefully justice is served.
It's been over a decade, and Madeleine McCann still hasn't been found. Meanwhile, taxpayers continue to lose millions in the funding of this fruitless search and investigation. I hate to be "that person," but I think it's time to hang up the search for good, and realize that Maddie is lost forever.

Does that mean we should give up on justice?
Absolutely not. There are many things investigators can be doing in both Portugal and the UK, instead of focusing on this fool's errand of looking for a child that has been intentionally hidden from the world.

For starters, it's time to make Kate and Gerry McCann official suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. It's been made clear, time and time again, that the evidence has always put them in the light of suspicion. There is a reason they were declared "arguidos" by Portuguese authorities in the past. It's time for this charade to end.

At the least, it's time to charge Kate and Gerry with child negligence for leaving their three young children alone the night Madeleine went missing. If these parents weren't directly responsible for her disappearance, they are at the very least to blame for making the disappearance possible. They left their children alone for several hours. A three-year-old girl cannot babysit two infants, but these three children were all left alone to fend for themselves, while the adults went out and enjoyed drinks.

Enough is enough.

Madeleine McCann will likely never be found. If she was kidnapped, she was hidden so well that a decade has passed with no results in the search. If she was killed, her remains were disposed of in a way that they may never be found. What we have is plenty of evidence to prove that a crime was committed, but no justice.

It's time to stop focusing on the search for a child that will never be found, and start focusing on bringing people to justice.

Aug 16, 2017

The body of missing Utah man Paul Swenson has been located, but there are very few details surrounding this latest development in his case. Authorities have, however, indicated that there were no apparent signs of play. So does this mean that the missing man took his own life?

Circumstances in the disappearance of Paul Swenson have always indicated that he was "acting strangely," when he was last seen by his loved ones. His loved ones say that he left his home while acting in a bizarre manner. Various news reports have also described him as going through a "possible mental episode" at the time of his disappearance.

Police say that the body of Paul Swenson was pulled from a body of water, bringing an end to the search that has lasted nearly a month. They also explained that his body was "in poor shape," indicating that he had been decomposing in the water for some time. This could have made it difficult to determine whether or not any foul play was present. Nonetheless, a medical examiner has ruled that foul play isn't suspected in this death.

It's highly likely that this man committed suicide, given the details that have been made public over the course of the search for him. What isn't being explained, however, is the fact that his car was parked somewhere with items inside it that did not belong to him. Hopefully investigators can bring answers to the questions that continue to surround this case.

Aug 14, 2017

When I was a kid, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I witnessed the growing popularity of neo-Nazism flourish. I was too young to fully understand what skinheads were, other than the simple explanation given to me by my grandparents: "They don't like black people." I also understood -- as much as I could at the age of five-years-old -- that my grandparents were disgusted with skinheads, even though they themselves weren't too fond of dark-skinned people either. I grew up in a household where it was totally normal to hear the "N" word and any other multitude of slurs toward blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gays -- pretty much anyone that wasn't white and Christian. Nonetheless, I was taught that skinheads, neo-Nazis, anyone who falls under that category of people, were just evil subhumans. I knew, even at a young age, that even your average run-of-the-mill racist idiot hates skinheads, hates Nazis, hates hate-groups that want harm to come of specific minorities.

When Donald Trump started to run for President, many of us saw clearly that he was running on a platform of hate and bigotry. Many of us saw clearly that Trump was calling out to the most hateful and angry of Americans, along with the most gullible and easily fooled/manipulated. Many of us saw parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Noted historians warned us. Aged war veterans warned us. The Anne Frank Centre has even warned us of the dangerous comparisons between Trump and the man responsible for the Holocaust.

Nonetheless, enough people voted for him. He became our POTUS.

Now look what's happening.

White supremacists are literally taking to the streets with TIKI TORCHES, marching with their hatred right out in open display. People are dying in said streets for simply standing up against this vile display of hatred and ignorance. People are being beaten by mobs of racists while police do nothing, and victims are being smeared in writing by racist bullies who enjoy being real-life trolls.

I feel the same sickness in my stomach that I felt when I was a kid, when I saw groups of skinheads doing the same thing.

 The blame for all this fuckery should be placed squarely on the shoulders of every single person who voted for Donald Trump;Those of you who foolishly believed that he would "make America great again," even though the facts and evidence completely showed otherwise long before the 2016 election took place. You ignored the evidence. You ignored this man's behavior -- even applauding him at times for being callous, hateful and completely nonpresidential. You ignored every piece of evidence that indicated that this administration colluded with Russia before and during the 2016 election -- which is completely treasonous. You ignored that this man had admitted to assaulting women. You ignored red flag, after red flag, after red flag.

You ignored our own trusted news sources, foolishly believing the orange idiot's "fake news" rhetoric. Meanwhile, you completely fell for every single fake news pushed by every single fake, hoax, satire news site on the internet. You foolishly, in all your gullible idiocy, swallowed down what Russian hackers fed to you. You swallowed down what alt-right bloggers falsified. You trusted people who stroked your own internal biases, over the facts and evidence that surrounded you.

You libertarians, anti-Hillary liberals and conspiracy theorists are also to blame. Don't you dare think you don't share equal blame with the very same people who voted for Donald Trump, because you do share equal blame. You fell for idiotic conspiracy theories like "Pizzagate." You let your sour grapes over what happened to Bernie Sanders get you where it hurt, and you took out your frustrations on the American people. You may not want to hear that, but it's the cold, hard truth. You people who just "couldn't trust Hillary," but claimed that you didn't want Trump to be POTUS either. You made a clear decision when you voted for 3rd party candidates and people that you knew wouldn't ever be elected. You wasted your votes, plain and simple, and you helped bring about Trump's victory. Some of you refuse to accept that, and some of you have boasted that it's "What the DNC gets for screwing over Bernie." Shame on you.

Hillary wasn't an ideal candidate, but she was the only candidate that would have beat Trump had some of you not thrown your votes to the guy who doesn't know what Aleppo is, and the Indigo Girls reject.

These alt-right morons taking to the streets are no different from the skinheads that we hated in the 90s, and they're no different from the Nazis our parents and grandparents hated during WWII and beyond. If it wasn't for Trump sitting up at the White House, these people would not feel so emboldened. They wouldn't feel brazen enough to march in the streets with torches, with their faces in plain sight, totally not afraid of any consequences. This would not have happened when Obama was POTUS, and it very likely wouldn't have happened had Hillary won the 2016 election.

I am very disappointed in the world right now, and I'm incredibly disappointed in so many people who call themselves Americans. What's happening right now is not American. Either you are going to speak out against it and fight it, or you support it. I see far too many of you being silent about what's going on right now. 

Aug 13, 2017

Update: Body found. Click here for more details.

Authorities in Knox County, Tennessee are looking for Rita May Eastes. The 56-year-old woman was reported missing by her daughter, who hasn't seen her since Thursday, August 10th. This is a developing case, so details are gradually making their way to the media. Meanwhile, this missing woman's loved ones are frantically looking for her. So what happened to Rita Eastes?

Rita May Eastes was last seen on Thursday, though the time of day hasn't been clarified by loved ones or media sources. WBIR News reports that she was last seen traveling in her 2012 Kia Sorento, silver, wearing a pink blouse. These are the only details available in the disappearance of the Tennessee woman. However, it must be noted that the Knox County Sheriff's "Major Crimes Unit" is investigating this disappearance. Could this mean that Rita May Eastes might have met foul play? With so few details available, it's impossible to speculate.

If you know anything about this disappearance, or if you believe you've sighted the missing woman or her vehicle, please do not hesitate to call (865) 215-2243. 

Aug 10, 2017

Anne Arundel County, Maryland: The remains of a woman have been located in Maryland, and authorities are looking for help identifying her. In particular, they want to know if you recognize this woman's jewelry. The pictured articles were found with the remains, which were discovered near a construction site on July 11th of this year. Do you recognize them?

Documents submitted to Namus report that the unidentified woman could've been between 18 and 40-years-old. The woman's remains were nearly skeletal at the time of discovery, making it impossible to figure out a variety of factors, such as her ethnicity, height or weight.

Also unknown at this time: Whether or not this woman died by homicide, or if her death came by natural or other means. Medical examiners believe that this woman died sometimes in 2016, but are not sharing what has led them to this conclusion.

If you think you recognize this jewelry, please immediately contact the MD Chief Med Examiner at (410) 333-3225. 
The skeletal remains of a woman have been located in Florida, and now authorities are trying to identify her. There are no photos available in this case, and no identifying features can be made from the discovery due to the level of decomposition. These skeletal remains were reportedly located at the end of June of this year.

The Jane Doe's remains were located in a wooded location near 18001 Old Cutler Road -- which happens to be the area of the National Parks Service in the city of Palmetto Bay. The remains appear to be a woman between the ages of 14-years-old and 99-years-old -- meaning medical examiners have no idea how old this person was when she died. What also isn't known: Her ethnicity, her hair color, eye color, weight, height or any other identifying feature.

Even though the remains are skeletal, medical examiners have been able to determine that this Florida Jane Doe died after 1992. This is due to the fact that her remains displayed evidence of surgery that could not have taken place prior to October 1992. Some of that evidence includes a metal rod in her lower right leg (tibia). This metal rod was not manufactured prior to 1992. That does not necessarily mean that the surgery took place in 1992, just that it could not have taken place prior.

Furthermore, the skeletal remains of this unidentified woman were found with "Sasson" brand pants (size 15/16) and a "tag" from a clothing item that was labeled as "Partners/Mervyns" (size medium-M). The "tag" was from an unidentifiable article of clothing -- possibly a shirt or blouse of some kind. The tag could have also come from the dark-colored belt that was found with her remains, but it is not likely, since few belts are sized in the "small, medium, large" sequence. 

PARTNERS was trademarked by Mervyn's Brands, LLC. It was a brand they used for clothing, handbags and lingerie for many years -- starting in the mid 1970s, but most popularly in the 1980s through the 1990s. Their tops were sized in the sequence of "small, medium and large" -- or, more specifically, "s, m, l." 

Sasson brand jeans haven't been popular since the 1990s. The fact that this Jane Doe was found with a pair of Sasson pants really highlights a possibility that she had died in the 90s. However, it's very possible that she could have died more recently, and had been wearing thrift-store pants. On the other hand, the Sasson pants were paired with a clothing tag belonging to Partners by Mervyns, which was also more popular in the 90s than recent years.

Knowing that she may have worn a size (M) in shirt and a size 15/16 in pants, it's easier to build a possible image of this woman, though not an entirely accurate one without knowing her height. 

There are numerous women missing in the state of Florida -- many of which are presumed dead, and many of them missing in the 1990s. But that doesn't mean this Jane Doe came from Florida. She could have come from anywhere, making it even harder for detectives to identify her. It should be noted that this Jane Doe's Namus file doesn't mention any testing of known missing women over the past 25 years.

If you believe you can help authorities in this case, please contact the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's Office at (305) 545-2400. Any information could prove useful in this investigation, and could help bring closure to those who are searching for missing loved ones.
What happened to missing Colorado woman, Kara Nichols? The aspiring model vanished in October 2012 -- meaning nearly five years have passed since anyone has seen or heard from her. This case has long been surrounded by suspicion for many years, with some disturbing revelations that make it hard to believe that this young woman will ever be found alive.

Kara Nichols was last seen on October 9, 2012. She was supposedly heading to Denver (from Aurora), to participate in a modeling shoot. At least that's the story she told her loved ones. The truth of the matter is that Kara had been involved in prostitution for a handful of years, while living the public persona of an aspiring lingerie model. These details were understandably hard to swallow for loved ones of the missing woman, but when they were confirmed by detectives it became immediate apparent that she did not vanish while en route to a modeling shoot.

Women who work in the sex industry -- prostitutes in particular -- tend to fall victim to violent crimes. They're easy targets to predators because they tend to live on the fringes of society, with no loved ones to look for them when they disappear. This is why prolific serial killers are known to select prostitutes as their victims. Gary Ridgway, Joel Rifkin and numerous other serial killers have made claims to fame by killing countless numbers of women for this very reason. Nonetheless, there are always exceptions to the rule, and not all prostitutes live lives of solitude and loneliness. Kara Nichols has a family who loves and misses her dearly, and they snapped into action almost immediately after they noticed that she was missing.

Kara Nichols is still missing, and authorities in Colorado don't appear to have the first clue behind what happened to her. What is known is that she disappeared while in the company of at least two other women, who were supposedly all heading to Denver. All of these women, Kara included, were involved in prostitution. Was Kara an independent sex worker who fell victim to the hands of a violent "John," or did she meet a demise at the hands of a pimp? These answers may never be answered -- at least not until she is located. With it being almost five years since Kara was last seen or heard from, it's probably safe to say that she won't be found alive. 
It's been five years since Palmyra, Pennsylvania woman Kortne Stouffer vanished under suspicious circumstances -- and authorities don't appear to be any closer to answers than they were in the beginning. With all these years past, it's hard to see a conclusion in this case, especially with all of the confusion that surrounds it. What happened to Kortne? Will we ever know?

Stouffer went missing on July 29, 2012, after police had been called to her apartment multiple times. The Pennsylvania woman had a rough night leading up to her disappearance. She had gone out bar-hopping with friends, before she was thrown from one of the establishments. At some point during the evening she had gotten into some kind of altercation with someone, and was reportedly "fuming" when she was thrown from the bar. Her troubles for the night didn't end there.

Once she was at her apartment, Kortne Stouffer reportedly got into another altercation -- this time with one of her neighbors. She reportedly got into a fight with the neighbor, after leaving the bar angry and intoxicated, because he had called the police on her boyfriend (who was in jail at the time). At some point during the altercation, police were called, but nothing came of the incident. After authorities left the apartment, Kortne went inside and began "throwing a tantrum." The neighbor was forced to call police a second time on Kortne Stouffer, due to her stomping and shouting and creating a disturbance.

When police responded to the neighbor's second call, nobody answered their doors -- not Kortne, or the neighbor. This could be due to the fact that it was very late at night. Perhaps Kortne had calmed down and fallen asleep while intoxicated -- and maybe the neighbor also fell asleep while waiting for authorities to respond to his call. Whatever the reason may be, Kortne Stouffer disappeared at some point during that night.

There have been a variety of theories and avenues of speculation in this case -- and numerous people have had fingers pointed at them. The night Kortne Stouffer vanished, she had a male friend staying with her. This young man claimed that he had passed out in Stouffer's apartment, but when he woke up, she was gone. The neighbor, who was one of the last to see Kortne, lawyered up almost immediately after she vanished. This stirred suspicion in the public, and rightfully so. Over the course of these five years, detectives have revealed that this is indeed a homicide investigation, but Kortne Stouffer remains missing.

What do you think happened to Kortne?

Aug 6, 2017

In 1958, two teenage lovers eloped from San Pedro, California to Las Vegas, Nevada -- and then disappeared without a trace. Now it's been nearly 60 years, and the questions that have hovered over this case for decades remain unanswered. What happened to Donnis Redman and Michael Griffin?

Eighteen-year-old Michael Griffin and his 14-year-old girlfriend Donnis Redman ran away together, eloping to Las Vegas on March 1, 1958. This was the last time anyone had seen either of the teens. However, the car belonging to Griffin was located in Williams, Arizona several days after they were seen in Las Vegas. The 1951 Dodge Clipper had been abandoned, but no other information has ever been made public about the discovery of the vehicle.

Very little is known about either of these missing people, and sadly no newspaper archives (searchable online) appear to show any media coverage of the case. It's a mystery, and a bit like a Romeo and Juliet type story. These teen lovers had to run away from home to be together, and fled to the big city lights of Sin City -- where they very possibly got married, as has always been the "thing to do" for those who elope. Did they ever leave the city of Las Vegas, or did they drive away toward Arizona, where Griffin's car was ultimately found? Did they disappear together, unaware that their faces would be featured for several decades as missing people?

During the 1950s, Las Vegas was experiencing a population boom and tourism boom that cemented its place in America as an iconic major city. This was also the era of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby -- a hey day, if you will, for Nevada's City of Lights. While the 1950s were memorable years for money, tourism and entertainment in Sin City, it was also the era during which organized crime prevailed. With the controlling interest of organized crime, unorganized crime became more or less unnoticed -- at least when it came to unsolved missing cases and the murders of women and girls who led "high risk" lifestyles. Maybe it's because many of those missing/murdered women and girls were victims of organized crime, directly. Or perhaps these numerous cases slipped through the cracks of justice for other reasons.

To get to the point: It's likely that the disappearances of Michael Griffin and Donnis Redman occurred right her in Las Vegas, but with the circumstances being what they were, they went totally unnoticed. Los Angeles police have long been in charge of the investigation, and it seems that they've never gotten anywhere in this case, either. It's possible that, back in the 1950s, the investigation went stale when nothing could be found in the vicinity of where Griffin's car was located. Meanwhile, that abandoned car could have very little to do with the location of these two missing lovers.

A theory in a decades-old case
Two naive lovers show up in the notorious city of Las Vegas. They've run away from home, eloped. Their naivety and inexperience in life has opened them up to the dangers of predators -- which have always existed, no matter how "simple" the times may seem. Redman, a beautifully charming 14-year-old girl, is a vulnerable target -- and her 18-year-old groom, a boyish young man, would be no match for a determined criminal with violent intent.

In this scenario, that predator wasn't a Las Vegas local. He took the car belonging to his young victims and after disposing of them (wherever that may be), he took off and drove south, toward Williams, Arizona. Perhaps the car broke down in Williams, or maybe our hypothetical culprit simply wanted to shed himself of the evidence of his crimes. He abandoned the vehicle, and then escaped to get away with whatever he had done for nearly 60 years -- his entire life if he was a grown, adult person at the time of the disappearances.

People don't just disappear for more than half a century
Donnis Redman was a 14-year-old girl who had no known reason to cut complete and permanent contact from her loved ones. Of course, nothing is even known about her loved ones, so for all intents and purposes she had no known reason to want to keep in touch with them after disappearing. Nonetheless, it's not typical for a runaway teenage girl to go completely off the grid for the rest of her life. If Donnis and Michael didn't meet foul play, it'd be more likely for them to reach out to loved ones not long after eloping -- or at the least after Donnis would have turned 18-years-old. That never happened, though, which leads me to strongly believe that these two teens were murdered.

That means someone has gotten away with their murders, and very likely went to their grave without ever sharing that dark secret. That also means that the bodies of Michael Griffin and Donnis Redman are out there, somewhere, waiting to be discovered -- if they haven't unknowingly been discovered already.
An Ohio teen has been arrested in association with the discovery of newborn remains, which were found buried outside her home. CBS News reports that 18-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson is accused of giving birth to the infant, before "purposely causing" its death. She faces a slew of charges, which could see her in prison for a handful of years. Is this a case of malice murder -- or the actions of a scared and uninformed teen?

Police in Lebanon, Ohio have charged the 18-year-old high school cheerleader with involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment, gross abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. They say she gave birth to the child in May of this year, before somehow causing its death and then burying the body on her property. The remains were discovered recently, but the level of decay was so advanced that a cause of death has not been determined.The body was also evidently burned. Furthermore, authorities believe that a cause of death may never be known. Currently, medical examiners are working to figure out the gender of the newborn, along with the possible identity of the father.

The state prosecutor on this case believes that the motive in this case was nothing more than "obsession with self image." He believes that the 18-year-old cheerleader "pretty obsessed with external appearances and how she appeared to the outside world." In other words, narcissism could be very much to blame for the senseless death of an innocent child. Meanwhile, it's being noted that nobody else is facing charges in this case. So it's likely that the father of this deceased infant wasn't even aware of its existence. However, detectives believe that some people may have suspected that Brooke Skylar Richardson was pregnant shortly before the birth and death of the infant.

Richardson has been described as a "very good student," and a "very good girl who helped children." She's been touted as a devoted cheerleader who helped children with disabilities. Friends and loved ones are shocked about the discovery of the remains, and the arrest -- and they say that she is handling the arrest "in a way you would expect." 
A Maryland dad has admitted to murdering his own infant son, in an absolutely horrifying case of child abuse murder. CBS News reports that Antoine Petty has pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of a child. This plea deal could put him in prison for up to 40 years, but has justice been served for the two-month-old infant that was brutally slain?

The murder took place in September 2016. The Maryland man admits to becoming enraged when his wife couldn't stop their newborn son from crying. Petty took the two-month-old infant from his wife and went outside with him. It was there that the Maryland father reportedly punched the infant in the face until he became unresponsive.

Antoine Petty admits that he and his wife observed that their son was badly injured. The child "showed signs of distress," before later dying in their care. At no point during this time did the parents ever call 911 or take the infant to any emergency care. Instead, they allowed him to die, and then put his body in their car -- a 1998 Lincoln Hearse. That is where the infant's body remained for more than 24 hours.

Approximately a month after the infant was reported missing by concerned family members (not his parents), his decaying remains were located. Antoine Petty led authorities to the location of the remains, bringing an end to the search -- and an end to the horrible secret that he and his wife had been keeping.

It must be stressed that the Maryland man could get up to 40 years of imprisonment for this horrendous crime. That means he could be released sooner than later. So does that look like justice will be served for the newborn infant that was heinously murdered and discarded like refuse? 
An Arizona mom has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, after she was convicted in the horrifyingly gruesome death of her 17-month-old daughter. The details of this case are very graphic, and are indeed anger-inducing -- especially with knowing that this tragic case could have been prevented altogether.

The Dreamin' Demon reports that 23-year-old Ashley Attson intentionally murdered her own daughter, just two months after winning custody of her. The 17-month-old infant had been in the care of tribal social services for her entire life, albeit short. This was because her mother had used crystal meth during her pregnancy, causing the child to be born with the dangerous drug in her system.

Just two months after finally getting custody of her child, Ashley Attson decided she no longer wanted to be a mother. She placed the defenseless infant in a stroller and then pushed her into the desert, where she was left to cook under the Arizona sun for four days, and four nights. During these four days of excruciating suffering for the baby, Ashley went on with her life with no remorse. She posted selfies to Facebook, went out with friends and behaved as if she hadn't just callously murdered her own child.

After four days, Attson returned to where she had abandoned her baby, discovering that she had in fact died. Two days after this, she decided to crudely bury the child in an animal's den hole, in the desert on the Navajo Reservation.

The details make 20 years of imprisonment seem like such a tiny sentence. After all, Ashley Attson will be in her early 40s when she's released -- and that's only if she serves the entire sentence. She could be released early on good behavior, or for any number of reasons. That means she could potentially have more children in the future.

So has justice been served? 
Authorities in Oklahoma are on a manhunt for a Cleveland County couple -- and a one-year-old girl who is believed to be in grave danger. KFOR News reports that an Amber Alert has been issued for one-year-old Bracie Schivers, who was allegedly kidnapped by her biological parents.

Arrest warrants have also been issued for Bryant Dwight Schivers, Jr., and Tara Springfield. The parents of the missing one-year-old infant do not have legal custody of the child, and took the child unlawfully. Authorities have not clarified on what kind of danger the infant may be in, but have stated that she is in "immediate danger of death," while in the custody of her non-custodial parents.

Police believe that three other children may be with the couple, and are referring to one-year-old Bracie Schivers as a "victim," but are not adding any further details.

If you have any information pertaining to this case, or if you believe you've seen the couple and the missing infant, please do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.

Aug 5, 2017

The search for missing woman Lucy Xiong has taken a tragic ( but expected ) turn. The Washington Times reports that a body has been retrieved from a canal in Fresno, and authorities believe that it's her. If the body in the canal is positively identified as the missing woman, what could it mean about her case?

Detectives say that the body was found approximately a mile and a half from where Lucy Xiong was last seen. What is known about this case is that Xiong had left her mother's residence on foot, while allegedly under the influence of alcohol. After she "stormed off" during an argument with her mother, she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. However, the man told detectives that their phone call was abruptly ended with a scream.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Lucy Xiong have led authorities to believe that she fell victim to foul play. However, as speculated in this post, it's quite possible that the young woman fell into the canal while on foot, intoxicated, and not paying attention while on the phone with her boyfriend.

Few details are available at this time, concerning the recent discovery of a woman's body. However, police have revealed that there are suspects in association with the unlawful use of Xiong's credit card. The suspect told authorities that they located Xiong's purse along the bank of the canal. The suspect denies any involvement in the disappearance of Lucy Xiong, and authorities haven't confirmed whether or not they still believe foul play is likely in her disappearance and death. It does seem likely that she fell into the canal while intoxicated, and then this person innocently happened on her belongings. However, anything is possible in cases such as this one.

Aug 1, 2017

The search for missing woman Lucy Xiong is heating up, and now authorities are acknowledging that they do in fact suspect foul play in her disappearance. This revelation comes on the heels of reports sharing the strange and frightening circumstances of this disappearance. Was this missing woman murdered, or is she missing under other circumstances? The evidence in this case -- thus far -- could suggest a couple of different theories.

Fresno Police Department officials say that a phone call between Xiong and her boyfriend could indicate foul play. These claims confirm that the "friend" who last spoke to this missing woman is indeed her significant other. A tidal wave of other details have made their way to the media, including the hours surrounding Xiong's bizarre disappearance. 

Her family members have admitted that they argued with the young woman late Friday night, when she had come home after a night of drinking. Family members say that she was intoxicated when she got into an argument with her mother. She reportedly "stormed off," abruptly leaving the residence on foot. Sometime after midnight, she spoke on the phone with her boyfriend. The unnamed man told police that she sounded "winded" for some reason (perhaps because she was walking?), and that their phone call was abruptly ended when she screamed and hung up the phone.

In this post, I speculated on the possibility of Lucy Xiong falling victim to foul play. The circumstances surrounding this phone call with her boyfriend (who had previously been reported as a "friend") make it easy to suspect that she could have been preyed upon by an opportunistic person. Knowing that she was intoxicated at the time, and angry, suggests that she was also in a vulnerable state of mind, which could have made her a target to a predator.

On the other hand, authorities in Fresno say that her boyfriend heard the sounds of her feet crunching on gravel while they talked on the phone -- a detail that could lend a clue to where she was at the time of the phone call. Police  believe that she could have been walking near the streets of McKinley and First. This happens to be near a deep water canal, with a gravel embankment.

It's entirely possible that this young woman, who was angry and inebriated at the time of her disappearance, fell into the canal while walking and talking on the phone with her boyfriend. This theory is only further supported by reports of "sounds of a drowning" in the area on the night of her disappearance. However, police seem to be focused on the idea of "foul play," which is absolutely likely. Nonetheless, the canal needs to be searched, if at the least to eliminate drowning as a possibility. 
The remains of a woman have been discovered in a freezer, and police believe she's a woman who was reported missing last month. Two people have been arrested in association with the grisly find: The missing woman's former boyfriend, and his new girlfriend. This story is truly stranger than fiction, with some downright bizarre details.

Police have arrested 31-year-old Arturo Novoa and 34-year-old Katrina Layton, and have charged both of them with abuse of a corpse. The couple was arrested after a friend of theirs discovered the remains of the woman in a locked freezer, and then immediately called the police on them.

The body has not yet been positively identified, but authorities believe she is 28-year-old Shannon Graves, who was reported missing in June. However, it had been several months since anyone had last seen the Ohio woman.

When Graves disappeared sometime in February, her loved ones weren't alarmed. The woman had a history of disappearing for short periods of time on her own. However, after not hearing from her after several months, her family members decided it was time to report her missing. Unfortunately, they were far too late. Police aren't sure what happened to the woman in the freezer, but evidence suggests that the couple purchased the appliance together shortly after Shannon was last seen.

Also disturbing, detectives say that Katrina Layton -- the girlfriend of Arturo Novoa -- assumed the life of Shannon Graves soon after she vanished. She began caring for her dog, using her items, spending her money. She was also driving the car owned by Shannon Graves. For all intents and purposes, she was living Graves' life.

A friend of Novoa told police that he was asked to hold onto the locked freezer. The friend, who hasn't been identified in media reports, says that he became suspicious after a while and decided to break into it. That's when he found the remains of the young woman, which prompted him to call the police. 
A search is currently underway for missing Utah man Paul Swenson. The 30-year-old missing man vanished around July 27th, and hasn't made any contact with his loved ones. There are some suspicious elements in this case, and I also can't shake the negative vibes I am getting. Did something horrible happen to this man? My gut feeling is telling me 'yes.'

Swenson was last seen at around 3:00 p.m., on the 27th. He left his family's home in his black 2016 BMW, which was later found abandoned near the Parkview Elementary School in Salt Lake City. Police say the manner in which the car was found was "under suspicious circumstances."

The missing man's cellphone has also been turned off -- an immediately suspicious fact.

Other suspicious elements have come to play, which have sparked speculation and rumors that drug use (or even trafficking) could be involved. However, authorities in Utah have declared that there is no evidence of any of these things having anything to do with Paul's disappearance.

What is being considered, heavily, is that Paul Swenson is voluntarily missing. However, something just doesn't feel right about that. While he may have been battling emotional or mental demons, there hasn't been any reported history of disappearance with this man. Furthermore, there appears to be some kind of need for authorities to play this case close to their chests. In other words, I don't think all of the information has made its way to the public.

What should happen in this case? Obviously authorities need to figure out whether or not Paul Swenson is missing voluntarily. I have a gut feeling that this man is not missing voluntarily, and I hope authorities fully investigate until they can get to the bottom of this disappearance. Police have worded that the way his car was abandoned was "suspicious," which makes me wonder if someone dumped it there. So who dumped it there?

The people closest to this missing man need to be looked at very closely.

An Alabama man is in jail after authorities say he held an elderly woman captive for at least two days. CBS News 47 reports that 33-year-old Lance David McClendon faces a variety of charges in association with the shocking incident, which has left the woman with multiple severe injuries.

The 65-year-old victim had been reported missing by her loved ones in Georgia, who were unable to make contact with her over a course of multiple days. Sheriff's deputies in the town of Albertville, Alabama were able to track her down at the home of 33-year-old McClendon, who has been described as the victim's boyfriend. The victim's loved ones gave police his address, describing him as someone that she had "known for a couple of years," but they had expressed worry, which triggered a welfare check.

It's a good thing police showed up at McClendon's home, because there is no telling what may have happened to the unnamed victim. Police say that the 65-year-old woman had been kept locked in the living room of the man's home with no access to a phone or any other facilities. She was denied access to food, water or a restroom, and all doors and windows of the house were reportedly screwed shut. There was no doubt, according to police, that the Alabama man had been keeping this woman captive.

Not only had the elderly Georgia woman been held against her will, she had suffered multiple beatings at the hands of her captor. Police say that the victim is suffering from a collapsed lung, cuts to her head and bruising throughout her face and body. She is currently being treated for her injuries, fortunate to be alive.

Lance David McClendon has been charged with second-degree domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. He is also charged with the unlawful use of a credit card. he is currently being held in jail on bond in the amount of $250k. 
Authorities in Fresno, California are looking for Lucy Xiong. The 20-year-old woman went missing July 28, and hasn't been in contact with loved ones since that day. There are disturbing circumstances surrounding this case, which make it easy to believe that this missing woman came to some kind of harm. Did someone harm the California woman, or are the circumstances to her disappearance nothing more than coincidence?

Nobody has seen Lucy Xiong in three days, but the night she vanished she was on the phone with a friend. That friend says that something bizarre took place in the final moments of being in contact with the missing woman. The friend, who isn't being named publicly, claims that Xiong "acted surprised" and then dropped their call abruptly. This is the last time anyone had spoken to the missing woman, and now her loved ones are worried.

They have good reason to worry. The scenario described by Lucy Xiong's friend sounds suspiciously like a kidnapping or some other kind of violent incident. It is very likely that someone preyed on the 20-year-old woman while she was on the phone with her friend, causing her to disconnect the phone call. Police say that this incident took place at around 12:35 a.m., after the missing woman had left her home. So the environment seems about right: The young woman was out by herself in the middle of the night, and now she is missing under some downright suspicious circumstances.

There are details that need clarification: Was she on foot? Is this friend that claims to had last spoken to her male or female? Does Lucy Xiong have a history of disappearing or living a high risk lifestyle? Did she just recently end a relationship?

Hopefully detectives in Fresno can get to the bottom of what happened to this missing woman before it's too late. It's already been three days since she vanished, and with each day that passes, the likelihood of finding a missing person alive diminishes (if she isn't missing voluntarily).

Lucy Xiong was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt and white denim jeans. She was carrying a pink purse with a gold chain strap. She is petite and Asian with brown eyes and medium-length black hair (as pictured above). If you have seen this woman, or if you believe you have information related to her disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the Fresno Police Department at (559)621-7000.