Who killed Janessa Shannon?

Just days after reported missing, the decomposing body of 13-year-old Janessa Shannon has been located. Now Florida authorities are investigating a murder, while speculation and accusations make their way to media reports. Who killed this missing teenager? Was she the victim of random violence, or did someone far closer to her take her life? There are a variety of disturbing details in this case, including how it has been handled by authorities and the mainstream media.

Janessa Shannon was reported missing on or around July 3rd, but because she had been noted as an habitual runaway, the 13-year-old Florida child's disappearance was not publicized. In other words, this was a disappearance that garnered no attention -- when it's absolutely clear that it indeed needed it. 

Just days after she was reported missing, the decomposing body of a young female was located in the Triple Creek Nature Preserve, in the town of Riverview, Florida. Now that the body has been positively identified as the missing girl, mainstream media reports are crawling all over the story. Is it a bit too little, too late? Possibly, but who can blame the media, when law enforcement itself didn't see the need in pushing out media alerts regarding her disappearance? 

So who killed Janessa Shannon? If detectives in Florida have any idea, they're not really letting out clues. However, some media reports have indicated that there are accusations of child abuse between the girl's biological parents. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the once-missing teen's parents "traded accusations of abuse," before she disappeared. It's hard to determine whether or not these accusations could hold any relevance to Janessa's murder, because they were accusations that were flung about during a heated court battle. Janessa's mother reportedly accused the girl's biological father (and his family members) of having violent tempers, and an inability to control them. It should be noted, however, that these accusations against the slain girl's dad have never been proven.

So is it possible that this "habitual runaway" met her fate at the hands of her allegedly abusive father? Or did she bite off more than she could chew when she chose to run away from home once again? 

Regardless of any speculation that can circulate in this case, it's most important that authorities do their jobs and find out who killed this girl.


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