What happened to Theresa Lockhart?

Authorities in Michigan are looking for Theresa Lockhart. The 44-year-old woman reportedly vanished in May of this year, but with the search for her in its second month, it's hard to see a positive ending in this case. That appears to be a shared sentiment among members of the public, some of whom believing the woman's husband knows more than he claims. Did this missing woman's husband have something to do with her mysterious disappearance, or is Theresa Lockhart missing under different circumstances?

Theresa was last seen by her husband, Christopher Lockhart, at around 10:00 p.m., on May 18th. Not long after she was reported missing, her abandoned vehicle was found parked at a "park-and-ride" in Portage, Michigan -- where she resided. This has been one of the only developments in the ongoing search for Lockhart, but authorities (along with many in the public) believe her husband knows where she is.

Christopher Lockhart has been declared a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, Theresa Lockhart. Police say that the Michigan man has not been entirely cooperative over the course of the past month that they've been searching for his wife. Why would a man be uncooperative with authorities, while his wife is missing? While it's easy to assume that Christopher Lockhart knows what happened to his wife, it's important to acknowledge whether or not there is any evidence against him. Have authorities found anything that could possibly tie him to the disappearance of Theresa Lockhart?

Christopher Lockhart has explained that he believes his wife is missing, because she wants to embarrass him. He's also claimed that she is "seeking mental help." These all appear to be attempts at taking the attention off of himself, but that's really just achieving the opposite. Meanwhile, detectives have spent several hours searching the residence shared by the missing woman and her husband. They have not released any information about what was found (if anything) in the home.

Hopefully some more developments come up soon in this case, before it ends up going cold. With the search for Theresa Lockhart approaching two-months-old, it's hard to see a happy ending in sight.

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