Jul 2, 2017

What happened to Ellen Perna?

Authorities in Henderson, Nevada have been searching for nearly two years for Ellen Perna -- and she still hasn't been found. The teen was just 16-years-old when she vanished in 2015, and even though her disappearance attracted mainstream media coverage, very little is known about the circumstances of her case. With her 18th birthday around the corner, will she suddenly resurface safe and alive?

Her disappearance has remained a mystery for nearly two years, but Ellen Perna will be turning 18-years-old sometime this year. If she is to resurface as a legal adult, it will prove that the teenager ran away from home, and has somehow remained under the radar for all this time. However, in this digital age of constant social media use, it's hard to believe that this young woman has been hiding out in anticipation of being a grown-up. In fact, "Ellie" has shown no online activity since her Sept. 2015 disappearance. This adds a troubling element to her disappearance, even though there is a shred of hope that she is still out there, somewhere.

Do you know anything about the disappearance of Ellen Perna? If you think you've seen her, or if you have any information that could prove useful, please do not hesitate to call Henderson Police at (702) 267-4737.


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