Jul 2, 2017

Torso of missing woman found

Update: Authorities are reportedly finding other dismembered remains in association with the torso that was previously found. Police have not yet named the identity of the slain woman, but have said that the victim is from New Jersey. 

Police believe they've located the dismembered torso of a missing woman. Thirty-one-year-old Jennifer Londono vanished just last Sunday, so if this latest development is true, this brings a horribly tragic end to a rather brief disappearance. Who could be responsible for this shocking case?

Jennifer London was last seen around a week ago, at the Luna Lounge -- a bar where she had been employed. The Daily Voice reports that Jennifer had closed the new bar, before vanishing mysteriously into the night. While she has a history of taking off for short periods of time, her loved ones say that she has never disappeared without keeping contact. This fact about the missing woman made her disappearance an immediate concern -- especially to her now-grieving mother.

It should be noted that authorities in New Jersey have not confirmed a positive match of the dismembered torso, to the missing woman. However, her family and other loved ones have reportedly expressed heartache at the horrifying loss of the young woman. Once it's officially confirmed, detectives will have their work cut out for them in their investigation behind what exactly happened to Jennifer. Was she murdered by someone she knew? Or was this 31-year-old lounge employee preyed-upon by an evil stranger? 


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