Shady alert: Sign of missing woman stolen by suspect's girlfriend

A sign alerting to the disappearance of 35-year-old Crystal Rogers has been stolen, and police in Bardstown, Kentucky have made an arrest. The person responsible for this nonsensical (and suspicious) theft is none other than Crystal Maupin -- the girlfriend of the man once suspected in the disappearance of Rogers. While it seems that the Kentucky woman's alleged actions were done in order to keep attention away from this two-year-old case, she absolutely achieved the opposite effect. Now all eyes are on Maupin, and the #1 question to ask this woman is simple: Why the shady behavior?

Crystal Rogers disappeared on July 3, 2015, under circumstances that have long been deemed suspicious. She was last seen by her boyfriend at the time, a man named Brooks Houck. Houck told detectives that they had been out during the afternoon of July 3rd, and then returned home for the evening. He has long-claimed that he went to bed, leaving Rogers alone, who stayed up on her phone. Not long after she was last seen, Crystal's car was found with a flat tire. Her car contained items that would not have been intentionally left behind: Her purse, cellphone and other personal effects. Furthermore, the car was left unlocked with the keys still inside.

Fast-forward to over two years later: Brooks Houck (the former boyfriend of Crystal Rogers), is now dating Crystal Maupin. Authorities in Bardstown are accusing Maupin of tearing down and stealing a sign which was installed to inform the public of Rogers' disappearance. Detectives say that video evidence shows Maupin at the Circle K Mini Mart stealing the sign. She was arrested on Sunday morning in association with the incident.

Her idiotic (and suspicious) behavior is only drawing more attention to the fact that Brooks Houck has been, and remains, the only person of interest in the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Recently, detectives have searched family members' homes associated with Houck, in belief that they may find evidence against him. They believe that the man killed Crystal Rogers, but she remains missing and they lack the evidence to arrest and charge him.

Brooks Houck/Crystal Rogers

So why exactly did Crystal Maupin allegedly remove and steal the sign? Could it be jealousy for the fact that this woman once dated the man she is currently dating? Could it be that his status as a suspect in her disappearance is attracting trouble in their lives -- and the removal of the sign was some kind of catharsis? All that is known right now is that she has been arrested for this heinous act, and her boyfriend remains a person of intense focus in regards to the disappearance (and presumed murder) of Crystal Rogers.


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