Nevada: Missing teen may be suicidal

Authorities in Carson City, Nevada are looking for 16-year-old Andrew Pinedo, who has been missing now for over a month. This young man is classified as a runaway, but there are details in this case which make his disappearance a disturbing one. With it being more than a month since he was last seen, the odds of finding this missing teen alive have dwindled incredibly. However, authorities are continuing the search while his loved ones hold onto hope.

Andrew Pinedo is 5'11" and of average build, with brown hair and brown eyes. His cellphone has been turned off, making any attempts at reaching him impossible. He has not reached out to any friends or family members since his disappearance, making it harder to locate him. While it's believed that this 16-year-old is "voluntarily missing," the elements hovering over his case have people concerned for his safety.

Andrew's father committed suicide in Reno, which undoubtedly had a impact on the young man. His loved ones say that he was last seen on Father's day at the location, in Reno, where his father had taken his own life. The teen had also been expressing comments that were disturbing in nature, but no reports are clarifying on these details.

It's highly likely that Andrew Pinedo disappeared in order to take his own life. However, until any evidence of such a thing is found, it's impossible to really determine what happened. People don't hide themselves after committing suicide, so unless he went somewhere purposely obscure to end his own life, there could still be a shred of hope in this case.

Hopefully authorities in Carson City get to the bottom of what happened to Andrew Pinedo before too much time passes. 


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