Missing in Maine: Where is Megan Gregory?

A 27-year-old woman has been missing from Kennebec, Maine for nearly an entire month, and authorities can't seem to figure out what happened to her. Megan Gregory was reportedly last seen on June 5, 2017 in the area of Sand Hill in Augusta. There are troubling circumstances surrounding the young woman's disappearance, and there is -- sadly -- very little information being shared by police. What happened to this missing woman?

Police say that 27-year-old Megan Gregory was last seen wearing a pair of yoga pants, with a blue sweatshirt and flip flops. She is described as a white female, with long hair styled with dreadlocks. If you believe you've seen this woman, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities with the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office.

The disturbing circumstance hovering over this woman's disappearance, is the fact that she vanished shortly after arguing with her boyfriend. This is a troubling detail for one very big reason. Most female victims of crime are victimized at the hands of their own significant others. This stat also tends to come to play in regards to disappearances of woman who otherwise aren't known to vanish voluntarily. Does this mean that there is evidence against the missing woman's boyfriend? Authorities in Maine have yet to fully clarify on what they think may have happened to her.

As stated above, any information could prove useful in locating Megan Gregory -- or at least narrowing down what may have happened to her. So please, call the authorities in Kennebec County, if you think you have information that could prove useful to detectives.

In the meantime, please share this post to get the word out about Megan's disappearance. 

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