Missing in Illinois: Where is Emily Anderson?

Authorities in Winnebago County, Illinois are looking for Emily Anderson. The 25-year-old woman has been missing now for over a month, and there are a lot of different theories regarding what may have happened to her. Through all of the speculation, worries and questions, one fact remains: This young woman still hasn't been found, and her loved ones need answers.

Emily Anderson was last seen on June 19, during late night/early morning hours. She was reportedly last seen leaving a restaurant known as the "Steak and Shake" in Love's Park, Illinois. Authorities say that she was driving a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, Silver, with front end damage. Neither she or her vehicle have been located or spotted over the course of the search for her.

When a person disappears with their vehicle, multiple theories are to be considered. A vehicular accident could easily be speculated in a situation like this one. It's especially possible because this missing woman is reported to have issues with seizures. Emily Anderson suffers from epilepsy, and could have had an accident while driving her vehicle late at night. However, no evidence of a car accident has been found in the search for her. With it being over a month since she was last seen, it's likely that bodies of water have been searched with no success.

So is this missing woman the victim of foul play? Or did she leave the area on her own, voluntarily?

It's been over a month and there has been very little information on which to speculate. Right now, her loved ones are worried that this is not an ordinary disappearance -- that something bad may have happened to Emily. 


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