Las Vegas: Have you seen Kelly Achter?

Have you seen this missing woman? Police in Las Vegas, Nevada are looking for Kelly Achter, who has been missing now for over a month. While there doesn't appear to be any outright evidence of an involuntary disappearance, the missing woman's loved ones are worried. In particular, her mother has reached out for help in locating her. Is this woman wandering somewhere in the city, unaware that she's been reported missing -- or has she fallen victim to some kind of foul play?

The missing woman's mother says that she hasn't been heard from since the 14th of June. She says that the 28-year-old left a note saying she was going to visit a friend at Budget Suites on Boulder Highway, but she has not been in contact with her since then. To the concern of the missing woman's mother, she also hasn't logged on to social media since she was last seen.

Kelly Achter suffers from a laundry list of conditions, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She is in need of medication, and does not own her own phone. All of these circumstances are adding further worry to her loved ones, who are hoping that someone can help them locate her. Her mother notes, however, that Kelly is considerate enough to borrow someone else's phone to contact her, which is something she has not done in over a month. This is a worrisome element in her disappearance, that makes it hard not to speculate on the worst possible scenario.

If you know anything about Kelly Achter's disappearance, or if you believe you may have seen this missing woman, please do not hesitate to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at (702) 828-2907 or (702) 828-311. Any information could prove useful in bringing this family closer to finding the answers they need.


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