Is Madeleine McCann's body in a well?

The search for Madeleine McCann may have been completely botched from the beginning. At least that's what can be taken from the latest updates in the missing child's case. According to The Daily Star, numerous wells in the area of Praia da Luz were not searched when Maddie was reported missing. So does this mean that her final resting place could be in one of those previously ignored locations?

With it being a decade since Madeleine McCann was last seen, it's hard to believe that she's even alive anymore. In fact, there has never been any evidence to indicate that she was ever abducted from the apartment where her parents lefter unsupervised. It's widely believed that her parents -- Kate and Gerry McCann -- covered up an accidental death, and hid her body. If this is true, then could Madeleine's body have been hidden in one of those numerous wells in the area?

Truth be told, this is just one of the countless theories that have come up in Madeleine's case over the course of the past 10+ years. It's also been alleged that the missing toddler's body was incinerated, therefore leaving no body to ever be discovered. At this point in the endless search for Madeleine, anything is possible. Meanwhile, her parents remain under intense scrutiny in the public eye, but have never been charged with a crime.

Do you think Madeleine McCann's body may be found in a well? Will her body even be found at all? 

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