Florida man shoots self in penis after sitting on gun

A Florida man has been hospitalized, after police say he accidentally shot himself in the penis. The incident has left the man lucky to be alive, but surely embarrassed as this story becomes another viral addition to an ongoing internet meme.

Orlando News 6 reports that 38-year-old Cedrick Jelks was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend. The 24-year-old woman told authorities that Jelks sat on the gun, which was on the driver's side seat of his car. When he reportedly sat on the gun, it fired on its own, hitting him in the penis.

While it's fortunate that the Florida man wasn't fatally shot, police have reported that the incident could land the man in jail. Jelks, a convicted felon, is currently on parole -- making it illegal for him to have possession of a firearm. So it seems that he not only shot himself in the junk, he totally shot himself in the foot!

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