Jul 29, 2017

FBI won't punish Kathy Griffin over Donald Trump 'beheading' stunt

The FBI has reportedly 'exonerated' comedienne Kathy Griffin, bringing an end to a pretty unnecessary investigation. The notorious funny-woman announced the update on Twitter, undoubtedly celebrating in relief after getting way more attention that she had bargained for. Now that Kathy's "in the clear," what's next for her?

Kathy Griffin has been under FBI investigation ever since she sparked outrage over some over-the-top performance art. The comedienne participated in a photoshoot, which depicted her holding the bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump. Not only did this crazy photo anger pretty much everyone, it angered our thin-skinned Dorito-in-Chief, who claimed that his own 11-year-old son saw footage of the photoshoot on television. Trump claimed that it horrified the child, which only attracted further negative backlash.

Certainly Trump's followers are going to be angry at the latest news surrounding the comic, but they'll probably be pleased to hear that Kathy Griffin is still pretty much unemployed. Griffin told Time that the Trump family "broke" her, and she expressed belief that she'd never have a job again because of this incident.

Do you support Kathy Griffin? Or do you think she should have been prosecuted? Sound off in the comments!

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