Jul 24, 2017

Father of Dylan Redwine finally arrested for his murder

Authorities in Colorado have arrested the father of slain child Dylan Redwine -- nearly five years after the boy was initially reported missing from the man's home. Now it seems that Dylan's case is nearing a conclusion, but will his loved ones get the justice they deserve?

The arrest of Mark Redwine doesn't come as a shock, but a sort of bittersweet development in this years-old case. We've all waited for this moment -- but it has taken many years. What led to the much-anticipated arrest of Dylan Redwine's father? This is a question being asked by numerous people right now -- especially with some of the evidence against the man coming to public light. It seems that it's been known for quite some time, by authorities, that Mark Redwine killed his son. 

Official police documents reveal that human blood was found in multiple points of Mark Redwine's home early in the search for Dylan. That blood was determined to belong to the then-missing 13-year-old boy. Furthermore, cadaver dogs hit on points in the home which determined that a dead body had been in the residence. There's close to no doubt that that body was Dylan's. 

My podcast, in 2015, featured an interview with Elaine Hatfield (Hall), the mother of Dylan Redwine. It was during this podcast that she revealed that Dylan saw disturbing images of his father on his computer. Those images depicted Mark in cross-dresser getup, eating feces. It was also during this podcast that Mark Redwine himself called in to defend himself. Listen to the special broadcast below:
Listen to "Justice for Dylan Redwine Podcast MARK REDWINE CALLS IN" on Spreaker.
It's fortunate that Mark has finally been arrested, but it may take a long time for justice to be served. Currently, the father of Dylan Redwine is fighting extradition from Washington state to Colorado, where he faces second-degree murder charges.

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