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Jul 30, 2017

Have you seen this missing woman? Police in Las Vegas, Nevada are looking for Kelly Achter, who has been missing now for over a month. While there doesn't appear to be any outright evidence of an involuntary disappearance, the missing woman's loved ones are worried. In particular, her mother has reached out for help in locating her. Is this woman wandering somewhere in the city, unaware that she's been reported missing -- or has she fallen victim to some kind of foul play?

The missing woman's mother says that she hasn't been heard from since the 14th of June. She says that the 28-year-old left a note saying she was going to visit a friend at Budget Suites on Boulder Highway, but she has not been in contact with her since then. To the concern of the missing woman's mother, she also hasn't logged on to social media since she was last seen.

Kelly Achter suffers from a laundry list of conditions, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She is in need of medication, and does not own her own phone. All of these circumstances are adding further worry to her loved ones, who are hoping that someone can help them locate her. Her mother notes, however, that Kelly is considerate enough to borrow someone else's phone to contact her, which is something she has not done in over a month. This is a worrisome element in her disappearance, that makes it hard not to speculate on the worst possible scenario.

If you know anything about Kelly Achter's disappearance, or if you believe you may have seen this missing woman, please do not hesitate to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at (702) 828-2907 or (702) 828-311. Any information could prove useful in bringing this family closer to finding the answers they need.
A sex trafficking ring has been busted, and authorities have revealed a slew of disturbing details. Multiple teenage girls have been rescued, and multiple arrests have been made, in a sex ring that detectives say stretched across multiple major cities across the United States.

CBN News reports that three people have been arrested in Los Angeles, and charged with numerous crimes in association with trafficking underage victims for sexual servitude. Quinton Brown, 30, Gerald Lavell Turner, 32, and Mia McNeil, 32, are all accused of exploiting missing teenagers and using them in sexual performances for monetary gain. The trio is also accused of transporting multiple girls over state lines, where they were exploited in cities across the country -- as far as Texas. Las Vegas, Nevada was also a popular destination for these children, who were sexually trafficked.

Detectives say that some of the teenage girls were classified as missing persons, and have been reunited with their loved ones.
Authorities in Carson City, Nevada are looking for 16-year-old Andrew Pinedo, who has been missing now for over a month. This young man is classified as a runaway, but there are details in this case which make his disappearance a disturbing one. With it being more than a month since he was last seen, the odds of finding this missing teen alive have dwindled incredibly. However, authorities are continuing the search while his loved ones hold onto hope.

Andrew Pinedo is 5'11" and of average build, with brown hair and brown eyes. His cellphone has been turned off, making any attempts at reaching him impossible. He has not reached out to any friends or family members since his disappearance, making it harder to locate him. While it's believed that this 16-year-old is "voluntarily missing," the elements hovering over his case have people concerned for his safety.

Andrew's father committed suicide in Reno, which undoubtedly had a impact on the young man. His loved ones say that he was last seen on Father's day at the location, in Reno, where his father had taken his own life. The teen had also been expressing comments that were disturbing in nature, but no reports are clarifying on these details.

It's highly likely that Andrew Pinedo disappeared in order to take his own life. However, until any evidence of such a thing is found, it's impossible to really determine what happened. People don't hide themselves after committing suicide, so unless he went somewhere purposely obscure to end his own life, there could still be a shred of hope in this case.

Hopefully authorities in Carson City get to the bottom of what happened to Andrew Pinedo before too much time passes. 
A sign alerting to the disappearance of 35-year-old Crystal Rogers has been stolen, and police in Bardstown, Kentucky have made an arrest. The person responsible for this nonsensical (and suspicious) theft is none other than Crystal Maupin -- the girlfriend of the man once suspected in the disappearance of Rogers. While it seems that the Kentucky woman's alleged actions were done in order to keep attention away from this two-year-old case, she absolutely achieved the opposite effect. Now all eyes are on Maupin, and the #1 question to ask this woman is simple: Why the shady behavior?

Crystal Rogers disappeared on July 3, 2015, under circumstances that have long been deemed suspicious. She was last seen by her boyfriend at the time, a man named Brooks Houck. Houck told detectives that they had been out during the afternoon of July 3rd, and then returned home for the evening. He has long-claimed that he went to bed, leaving Rogers alone, who stayed up on her phone. Not long after she was last seen, Crystal's car was found with a flat tire. Her car contained items that would not have been intentionally left behind: Her purse, cellphone and other personal effects. Furthermore, the car was left unlocked with the keys still inside.

Fast-forward to over two years later: Brooks Houck (the former boyfriend of Crystal Rogers), is now dating Crystal Maupin. Authorities in Bardstown are accusing Maupin of tearing down and stealing a sign which was installed to inform the public of Rogers' disappearance. Detectives say that video evidence shows Maupin at the Circle K Mini Mart stealing the sign. She was arrested on Sunday morning in association with the incident.

Her idiotic (and suspicious) behavior is only drawing more attention to the fact that Brooks Houck has been, and remains, the only person of interest in the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Recently, detectives have searched family members' homes associated with Houck, in belief that they may find evidence against him. They believe that the man killed Crystal Rogers, but she remains missing and they lack the evidence to arrest and charge him.

Brooks Houck/Crystal Rogers

So why exactly did Crystal Maupin allegedly remove and steal the sign? Could it be jealousy for the fact that this woman once dated the man she is currently dating? Could it be that his status as a suspect in her disappearance is attracting trouble in their lives -- and the removal of the sign was some kind of catharsis? All that is known right now is that she has been arrested for this heinous act, and her boyfriend remains a person of intense focus in regards to the disappearance (and presumed murder) of Crystal Rogers.
Just days after reported missing, the decomposing body of 13-year-old Janessa Shannon has been located. Now Florida authorities are investigating a murder, while speculation and accusations make their way to media reports. Who killed this missing teenager? Was she the victim of random violence, or did someone far closer to her take her life? There are a variety of disturbing details in this case, including how it has been handled by authorities and the mainstream media.

Janessa Shannon was reported missing on or around July 3rd, but because she had been noted as an habitual runaway, the 13-year-old Florida child's disappearance was not publicized. In other words, this was a disappearance that garnered no attention -- when it's absolutely clear that it indeed needed it. 

Just days after she was reported missing, the decomposing body of a young female was located in the Triple Creek Nature Preserve, in the town of Riverview, Florida. Now that the body has been positively identified as the missing girl, mainstream media reports are crawling all over the story. Is it a bit too little, too late? Possibly, but who can blame the media, when law enforcement itself didn't see the need in pushing out media alerts regarding her disappearance? 

So who killed Janessa Shannon? If detectives in Florida have any idea, they're not really letting out clues. However, some media reports have indicated that there are accusations of child abuse between the girl's biological parents. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the once-missing teen's parents "traded accusations of abuse," before she disappeared. It's hard to determine whether or not these accusations could hold any relevance to Janessa's murder, because they were accusations that were flung about during a heated court battle. Janessa's mother reportedly accused the girl's biological father (and his family members) of having violent tempers, and an inability to control them. It should be noted, however, that these accusations against the slain girl's dad have never been proven.

So is it possible that this "habitual runaway" met her fate at the hands of her allegedly abusive father? Or did she bite off more than she could chew when she chose to run away from home once again? 

Regardless of any speculation that can circulate in this case, it's most important that authorities do their jobs and find out who killed this girl.
Update: Missing girl has been located safely.

Police in O'Fallon, Missouri are looking for a six-year-old girl. No photos of the girl have been released, nor has the child's name been made public. However, a description of the girl has been provided to the public.

Police describe the missing six-year-old child as being Caucasian, with shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair. She's approximately 3 1/2 feet tall, and was last seen wearing capri pants and a light colored top.

The child was reportedly last seen around the area of the 500th Block of St. John in the Forest Park Subdivision, in O'Fallon. If you have seen this child, or if you believe you have information regarding her disappearance, please call 911 immediately.

Jul 29, 2017

A Florida man has been charged in association with the death of his own nine-month-old child. Police say that 25-year-old  William Francis Hendrickson let his nine-month-old son suffer in a hot bedroom in his home, which ultimately led to the lad's death. This is a heartbreaking story that comes with more than just one warning to parents.

Police say that the nine-month-old child died on Thursday, after being kept in a mobile home bedroom, which reached temperatures as high as 109 degrees F. Another child in the home was fortunate enough to survive the incident, but has been hospitalized and treated for dehydration. The infant reportedly suffered in the sweltering bedroom, which caused his own body temperature to rise to approximately 105 degrees.

Police have revealed that they had been at the home just days prior, and had warned the father that the bedroom was far too hot for the children. They say that he was warned against keeping them in the room, to prevent the situation which did ultimately happen.

This time of year, stories of children left in hot cars dominate the media -- which is mind-blowing in and of itself. After all, we are all mostly aware of the dangers associated with leaving defenseless children in hot vehicles, where they can't escape the stifling heat. However, few media reports warn of the dangers associated with the heat and our own homes. Letting a bedroom in a home get as hot as 109 degrees is downright bizarre, and it's incredibly reckless to keep children in such a room, even against the warnings of police officers. It seems unlikely that the rest of the home was this hot, so it really doesn't make any sense to ignore police and leave the children to suffer in the heat.

What do you think of this heartbreaking story out of Florida?
The FBI has reportedly 'exonerated' comedienne Kathy Griffin, bringing an end to a pretty unnecessary investigation. The notorious funny-woman announced the update on Twitter, undoubtedly celebrating in relief after getting way more attention that she had bargained for. Now that Kathy's "in the clear," what's next for her?

Kathy Griffin has been under FBI investigation ever since she sparked outrage over some over-the-top performance art. The comedienne participated in a photoshoot, which depicted her holding the bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump. Not only did this crazy photo anger pretty much everyone, it angered our thin-skinned Dorito-in-Chief, who claimed that his own 11-year-old son saw footage of the photoshoot on television. Trump claimed that it horrified the child, which only attracted further negative backlash.

Certainly Trump's followers are going to be angry at the latest news surrounding the comic, but they'll probably be pleased to hear that Kathy Griffin is still pretty much unemployed. Griffin told Time that the Trump family "broke" her, and she expressed belief that she'd never have a job again because of this incident.

Do you support Kathy Griffin? Or do you think she should have been prosecuted? Sound off in the comments!
Authorities in Winnebago County, Illinois are looking for Emily Anderson. The 25-year-old woman has been missing now for over a month, and there are a lot of different theories regarding what may have happened to her. Through all of the speculation, worries and questions, one fact remains: This young woman still hasn't been found, and her loved ones need answers.

Emily Anderson was last seen on June 19, during late night/early morning hours. She was reportedly last seen leaving a restaurant known as the "Steak and Shake" in Love's Park, Illinois. Authorities say that she was driving a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, Silver, with front end damage. Neither she or her vehicle have been located or spotted over the course of the search for her.

When a person disappears with their vehicle, multiple theories are to be considered. A vehicular accident could easily be speculated in a situation like this one. It's especially possible because this missing woman is reported to have issues with seizures. Emily Anderson suffers from epilepsy, and could have had an accident while driving her vehicle late at night. However, no evidence of a car accident has been found in the search for her. With it being over a month since she was last seen, it's likely that bodies of water have been searched with no success.

So is this missing woman the victim of foul play? Or did she leave the area on her own, voluntarily?

It's been over a month and there has been very little information on which to speculate. Right now, her loved ones are worried that this is not an ordinary disappearance -- that something bad may have happened to Emily. 

Jul 24, 2017

Authorities in Colorado have arrested the father of slain child Dylan Redwine -- nearly five years after the boy was initially reported missing from the man's home. Now it seems that Dylan's case is nearing a conclusion, but will his loved ones get the justice they deserve?

The arrest of Mark Redwine doesn't come as a shock, but a sort of bittersweet development in this years-old case. We've all waited for this moment -- but it has taken many years. What led to the much-anticipated arrest of Dylan Redwine's father? This is a question being asked by numerous people right now -- especially with some of the evidence against the man coming to public light. It seems that it's been known for quite some time, by authorities, that Mark Redwine killed his son. 

Official police documents reveal that human blood was found in multiple points of Mark Redwine's home early in the search for Dylan. That blood was determined to belong to the then-missing 13-year-old boy. Furthermore, cadaver dogs hit on points in the home which determined that a dead body had been in the residence. There's close to no doubt that that body was Dylan's. 

My podcast, in 2015, featured an interview with Elaine Hatfield (Hall), the mother of Dylan Redwine. It was during this podcast that she revealed that Dylan saw disturbing images of his father on his computer. Those images depicted Mark in cross-dresser getup, eating feces. It was also during this podcast that Mark Redwine himself called in to defend himself. Listen to the special broadcast below:
Listen to "Justice for Dylan Redwine Podcast MARK REDWINE CALLS IN" on Spreaker.
It's fortunate that Mark has finally been arrested, but it may take a long time for justice to be served. Currently, the father of Dylan Redwine is fighting extradition from Washington state to Colorado, where he faces second-degree murder charges.

Jul 3, 2017

A British father has admitted to violently murdering his six-month-old daughter, in order to avoid standing trial for her death. The International Business Times reports that 33-year-old Lee Parker killed the little girl on Christmas Day, 2016, in a drunken rage. The manner in which the six-month-old infant died is absolutely heartbreaking, but it's fortunate that her killer is accepting his responsibility for what happened.

Parker admits to being highly intoxicated on the day of the incident -- after drinking two bottles of wine and part of a bottle of vodka. At sometime during his drinking binge, the British dad became enraged with the six-month-old infant, and started to bash her head against a bathroom door in his home. The helpless baby suffered fatal injuries, and emergency workers were unable to save her.

At the time of the incident, Parker told authorities that he had no recollection of what happened to his daughter. He admitted to being drunk at the time, and had simply blacked out. A drug test later revealed that the man had Cocaine and THC in his system as well.

This is a horrible tragedy that has left a family without their child, and now -- possibly -- a man without his life. Lee Parker will be sentenced on the 4th of July. It's possible that he could get a life sentence, but due to his admission in court, his punishment could be more lenient. It's hopeful that justice is served for this infant, who died by the hands of her own drunken father.
Over six years ago, Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo was violently kidnapped from her family's home. Her disappearance became an immediate media sensation, gaining the attention of people from one end of the country to the other. The search for the coed lasted for three years, before her skeletal remains were finally located. It was a heartbreaking end to a chapter that many hoped would turn out so much differently, and it was a revelation that there was a monster (at least one) in the sleepy town of Darden. Now here we are, so many years later, and the fiends responsible for Holly's death are scheduled to go on trial. Will she and her loved ones get the justice they so deeply deserve?

Ultimately, three men stand accused of kidnapping and murdering Holly Bobo. Zachary Adams, his brother Dylan and a man named Jason Autry are all believed to be directly involved in the young woman's death -- and the details that have made it to the public are absolutely horrifying. Detectives believe that Zachary Adams forcefully abducted Bobo on the morning of April 13, 2011.

It's believed that Zachary raped Holly, even going as far as filming the violent event. In fact, prosecutors have alleged that Zach's brother held the camera while the 20-year-old coed was raped and killed. These are horrifying allegations, and if they're true there is a snuff film in existence, starring this unfortunate young woman.

This has long-been a strange case. While officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation played this case close to their vests, a lot was left on which to speculation. In particular, the strange behavior of the then-missing woman's brother -- along with his ever-changing story about what happened the morning she was kidnapped -- made it easy to speculate. Clint Bobo witnessed the abduction of his little sister, and is notoriously known for doing nothing to stop it. This behavior led to the speculation that he may have been involved in her disappearance. Of course, if you go by what detectives believe, Clint Bobo had absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping and murder of his sister. In this case, Clint Bobo's behavior in the early days of his sister's disappearance is illustrative of the fact that everyone behaves differently in times of crisis.

Will there be justice for Holly Bobo? At this point in the case it's hard to tell. The trial of suspect Zachary Adams is scheduled to begin this week, and it's really anybody's guess as to how long it will last. During the course of this upcoming trial we may see a world of evidence that was never released to the public, or we may see a floundering prosecution attempting to convict a total of three men.

An Aurora, Colorado woman was reportedly murdered, and now detectives have a mystery on their hands. The Aurora Sentinel reports that the body of 18-year-old Alexandrea Raber was discovered in a motel room on Sunday morning, in an event that authorities immediately dubbed "suspicious." Now they've confirmed that the 18-year-old woman was murdered -- so who did it?

There are still few details in this developing case, but reports have confirmed that Alexandrea Raber was found in a room at the Knight's Inn Motel in Aurora on Sunday morning. The exact cause of death in this case hasn't been publicly released yet, but officials declared at the time of the discovery that her death was suspicious. It didn't take much longer than 24 hours later for them to declare that the young woman had definitely been murdered.

The 18-year-old teen had just graduated from high school this year, but little else has been shared about her private life with the public -- such as why she was at the Knight's Inn Motel in the first place. What is known is that her body was discovered during a reported welfare check -- indicating that her loved ones had been worried about her. So how long had she been out of contact before her body was ultimately discovered? That's just one of the numerous questions that could be asked at this time.

Authorities are asking anyone with any information to come forward. At this time, there is no known person of interest or suspect in the murder of Alexandrea Raber, so any kind of information could prove useful in bringing closure to this slain young woman's loved ones.
Authorities in Johnson City, Tennessee are looking for 46-year-old Sebia Archer, who has been missing now for over a month. While detectives try to figure out what happened to the missing woman, her loved ones are begging for answers. Will they ever get them? With such little information in her case, it's hard to determine what may have happened to her.

She was last seen in the evening time on May 18th, at a gas station. Since that night, it's been as if she vanished from existence. Sebia, who goes by the name Sheba Daniels, was seen getting into a vehicle with an unidentified male, and authorities have not been able to track him down either.

While her loved ones are frantic, authorities seem to believe that she's still alive and "nearby," but they haven't exactly elaborated on these comments. Nonetheless, their statements indicate that Sebia Archer, aka Sheba Daniels, is missing voluntarily. But is she really?

With it being nearly two months since anyone has seen or heard from Sebia, it's hard to imagine that she'd be "nearby" the Johnson City area without reaching out to those who are seriously worried about her. If authorities are wrong, and she's not voluntarily missing, then every day that passes puts more distance between detectives and solving this case.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Sebia Archer, aka Sheba Daniels, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities with the Johnson City Police. Any information or possible sighting could lead to locating this missing woman.
Authorities in Independence, Missouri are looking for Brittany Mallinson. The 25-year-old woman has been missing for approximately three weeks, and there has been very little mainstream media coverage of her disappearance. However, her loved ones aren't giving up, and are reaching out to the public in hopes of finding her.

What happened to this missing Missouri woman? Reports say the 25-year-old woman vanished around the 15th of last month, but she wasn't reported missing until several days later. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance haven't been made available in news reports.

The missing woman, a mother of three, does have a Facebook page, which indicates that she had recently entered a new relationship just weeks before she vanished. Other than that, there are very little details about this missing woman's life available online. This makes it hard to figure out what may have happened to her, but hopefully her loved ones and detectives are pulling together in hopes of finding out where she could be.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Brittany Mallinson, please do not hesitate to call authorities in Independence, Missouri. Any information could prove useful in finding out what happened to this missing woman.
Authorities in Michigan are looking for Theresa Lockhart. The 44-year-old woman reportedly vanished in May of this year, but with the search for her in its second month, it's hard to see a positive ending in this case. That appears to be a shared sentiment among members of the public, some of whom believing the woman's husband knows more than he claims. Did this missing woman's husband have something to do with her mysterious disappearance, or is Theresa Lockhart missing under different circumstances?

Theresa was last seen by her husband, Christopher Lockhart, at around 10:00 p.m., on May 18th. Not long after she was reported missing, her abandoned vehicle was found parked at a "park-and-ride" in Portage, Michigan -- where she resided. This has been one of the only developments in the ongoing search for Lockhart, but authorities (along with many in the public) believe her husband knows where she is.

Christopher Lockhart has been declared a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, Theresa Lockhart. Police say that the Michigan man has not been entirely cooperative over the course of the past month that they've been searching for his wife. Why would a man be uncooperative with authorities, while his wife is missing? While it's easy to assume that Christopher Lockhart knows what happened to his wife, it's important to acknowledge whether or not there is any evidence against him. Have authorities found anything that could possibly tie him to the disappearance of Theresa Lockhart?

Christopher Lockhart has explained that he believes his wife is missing, because she wants to embarrass him. He's also claimed that she is "seeking mental help." These all appear to be attempts at taking the attention off of himself, but that's really just achieving the opposite. Meanwhile, detectives have spent several hours searching the residence shared by the missing woman and her husband. They have not released any information about what was found (if anything) in the home.

Hopefully some more developments come up soon in this case, before it ends up going cold. With the search for Theresa Lockhart approaching two-months-old, it's hard to see a happy ending in sight.
The search for Madeleine McCann may have been completely botched from the beginning. At least that's what can be taken from the latest updates in the missing child's case. According to The Daily Star, numerous wells in the area of Praia da Luz were not searched when Maddie was reported missing. So does this mean that her final resting place could be in one of those previously ignored locations?

With it being a decade since Madeleine McCann was last seen, it's hard to believe that she's even alive anymore. In fact, there has never been any evidence to indicate that she was ever abducted from the apartment where her parents lefter unsupervised. It's widely believed that her parents -- Kate and Gerry McCann -- covered up an accidental death, and hid her body. If this is true, then could Madeleine's body have been hidden in one of those numerous wells in the area?

Truth be told, this is just one of the countless theories that have come up in Madeleine's case over the course of the past 10+ years. It's also been alleged that the missing toddler's body was incinerated, therefore leaving no body to ever be discovered. At this point in the endless search for Madeleine, anything is possible. Meanwhile, her parents remain under intense scrutiny in the public eye, but have never been charged with a crime.

Do you think Madeleine McCann's body may be found in a well? Will her body even be found at all? 

If you want to know more about Madeleine's case, please be sure to check out my book "The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What really happened?" It's a damning true crime story about child neglect and more. Click here to see the book on Amazon.

Jul 2, 2017

Authorities in Henderson, Nevada have been searching for nearly two years for Ellen Perna -- and she still hasn't been found. The teen was just 16-years-old when she vanished in 2015, and even though her disappearance attracted mainstream media coverage, very little is known about the circumstances of her case. With her 18th birthday around the corner, will she suddenly resurface safe and alive?

Her disappearance has remained a mystery for nearly two years, but Ellen Perna will be turning 18-years-old sometime this year. If she is to resurface as a legal adult, it will prove that the teenager ran away from home, and has somehow remained under the radar for all this time. However, in this digital age of constant social media use, it's hard to believe that this young woman has been hiding out in anticipation of being a grown-up. In fact, "Ellie" has shown no online activity since her Sept. 2015 disappearance. This adds a troubling element to her disappearance, even though there is a shred of hope that she is still out there, somewhere.

Do you know anything about the disappearance of Ellen Perna? If you think you've seen her, or if you have any information that could prove useful, please do not hesitate to call Henderson Police at (702) 267-4737.
A Florida man was reportedly beaten by the loved ones of a missing two-year-old, but police say it was for all the wrong reasons. Cleveland.Com reports that the unnamed man was simply trying to help the lost toddler find her parents, but his supposedly helpful nature didn't appear to work out for him in this particular case. Sadly, the beating wasn't the worst to come of his attempt at being a good Samaritan.

Police say that the unnamed man saw the two-year-old child walking alone near a sports complex -- where the child's parents had been attending a baseball game. Trying to be helpful -- and not wanting the toddler to come to any harm -- the Florida man attempted to help the girl find her parents, who were attentively watching a ballgame, instead of noticing that their toddler had wandered away. Authorities say that while multiple independent witnesses noticed the man trying to help the lost child, one witness saw danger. That witness is who alerted the toddler's parents to the fact that their child was in the company of a strange adult man.

When the parents found the child -- and the man who was trying to help her -- they weren't at all grateful. Instead, the father of the once-missing child threw the Florida man to the ground and pummeled him with his fists. Two other family members assisted in the violent beating, and kicked the man while he was down on the ground.

Things didn't end there for the unnamed Florida man. Police say that the good Samaritan was further victimized by the family of the little girl. Police say that the tot's parents posted his photo and other personal information on the internet, smearing him publicly while accusing him of being a child molester and attempted child kidnapper. Because of the actions of the little girl's parents, the man and his wife have been forced to move out of the town of Lakeland, where they are no longer safe.

This is tragic. Police have confirmed that the man was acting out of the kindness of his heart when he saw the child wandering around without any adult supervision. His act of kindness not only resulted in many physical injuries, but the trauma of being maliciously accused of crimes against children by the very people who should have been watching their child, but chose not to. What's truly sad about this is that reports have confirmed that the father of the little girl does not regret what happened. What does this say to any other people who may be compelled to help a lost child?

The behavior of the parents of the little girl in this case is absolutely despicable, but it's fortunate that their child wasn't brought to any harm. If you ask me, the parents were totally lucky this time. Instead of encountering a real-life predator, their wandering toddler met someone who wanted to help her find the safety of her family. If these parents keep letting her wander off like they did in this incident, they may not be this lucky again. That's especially if people in their area don't want to be assaulted for simply trying to help.

A Florida man has been hospitalized, after police say he accidentally shot himself in the penis. The incident has left the man lucky to be alive, but surely embarrassed as this story becomes another viral addition to an ongoing internet meme.

Orlando News 6 reports that 38-year-old Cedrick Jelks was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend. The 24-year-old woman told authorities that Jelks sat on the gun, which was on the driver's side seat of his car. When he reportedly sat on the gun, it fired on its own, hitting him in the penis.

While it's fortunate that the Florida man wasn't fatally shot, police have reported that the incident could land the man in jail. Jelks, a convicted felon, is currently on parole -- making it illegal for him to have possession of a firearm. So it seems that he not only shot himself in the junk, he totally shot himself in the foot!
Update: Authorities are reportedly finding other dismembered remains in association with the torso that was previously found. Police have not yet named the identity of the slain woman, but have said that the victim is from New Jersey. 

Police believe they've located the dismembered torso of a missing woman. Thirty-one-year-old Jennifer Londono vanished just last Sunday, so if this latest development is true, this brings a horribly tragic end to a rather brief disappearance. Who could be responsible for this shocking case?

Jennifer London was last seen around a week ago, at the Luna Lounge -- a bar where she had been employed. The Daily Voice reports that Jennifer had closed the new bar, before vanishing mysteriously into the night. While she has a history of taking off for short periods of time, her loved ones say that she has never disappeared without keeping contact. This fact about the missing woman made her disappearance an immediate concern -- especially to her now-grieving mother.

It should be noted that authorities in New Jersey have not confirmed a positive match of the dismembered torso, to the missing woman. However, her family and other loved ones have reportedly expressed heartache at the horrifying loss of the young woman. Once it's officially confirmed, detectives will have their work cut out for them in their investigation behind what exactly happened to Jennifer. Was she murdered by someone she knew? Or was this 31-year-old lounge employee preyed-upon by an evil stranger? 

Jul 1, 2017

A 27-year-old woman has been missing from Kennebec, Maine for nearly an entire month, and authorities can't seem to figure out what happened to her. Megan Gregory was reportedly last seen on June 5, 2017 in the area of Sand Hill in Augusta. There are troubling circumstances surrounding the young woman's disappearance, and there is -- sadly -- very little information being shared by police. What happened to this missing woman?

Police say that 27-year-old Megan Gregory was last seen wearing a pair of yoga pants, with a blue sweatshirt and flip flops. She is described as a white female, with long hair styled with dreadlocks. If you believe you've seen this woman, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities with the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office.

The disturbing circumstance hovering over this woman's disappearance, is the fact that she vanished shortly after arguing with her boyfriend. This is a troubling detail for one very big reason. Most female victims of crime are victimized at the hands of their own significant others. This stat also tends to come to play in regards to disappearances of woman who otherwise aren't known to vanish voluntarily. Does this mean that there is evidence against the missing woman's boyfriend? Authorities in Maine have yet to fully clarify on what they think may have happened to her.

As stated above, any information could prove useful in locating Megan Gregory -- or at least narrowing down what may have happened to her. So please, call the authorities in Kennebec County, if you think you have information that could prove useful to detectives.

In the meantime, please share this post to get the word out about Megan's disappearance.