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Was Kristen O'Brien murdered?

Authorities in Sangamon County, Illinois are looking for Kristen O'Brien. The 39-year-old woman reportedly vanished early last month, and has had no contact with her loved one since she was last seen. This is troubling information, but what's more troubling are the issues surrounding the woman's life before she vanished.

Those close to the Illinois woman say that she had been victimized in a series of events leading up to her disappearance. Just days before she was last seen, she had reportedly been involved in an "argument" with an unnamed male. The day following this alleged altercation, her home had been burglarized and then set on fire.

Kristen O'Brien was scheduled to interview with detectives regarding the presumed arson of her home. However, she never arrived at her appointment -- and has not been seen or heard from since that day. Furthermore, her phone has been turned off, adding more suspicion to her disappearance.

Initially, it was reported that K…