Is Ted Bundy haunting this Washington home?

Serial killer Ted Bundy has been dead for many, many years, but he's in the news this week -- and for a bizarre reason. Apparently a contractor, whose company is remodeling the home where Bundy was raised, believes that the home is haunted. Is the ghost of one of America's most prolific serial killers haunting this Tacoma, Washington residence?

The contractor -- and his crew -- legitimately believe that the home is haunted. They allege that "weird things" have taken place in the residence since they began remodeling it. Some of those incidents have involved moving furniture, jiggling doorknobs, etc., etc., -- you know, the standard "haunted house" stuff.

One spooky occurrence in particular, alleged by the contractor and his crew, involves the word "leave" being scrawled in dust on the floor of the home. Now, to some people this is an extra scary sign of a malevolent spirit. But, to me, it's a sign of a hoax.

Serial killer Ted Bundy was executed in the state of Florida in 1989 -- after years of imprisonment, and many years after ever residing in the Tacoma, Washington house in which he was raised. By the logic of those who believe in so-called hauntings, wouldn't the Florida prison be the preferred haunting grounds of the executed serial killer?

 That's not to say that bad things never happened in the Bundy home. While Bundy himself has claimed that he had a "normal" childhood, he had anything but that. He was raised to believe his grandparents were his biological parents, alongside his older "sister," who was actually his biological mother. He didn't learn of this twist in his life until he was a young teen. Behind closed doors in the Bundy home, things weren't a picnic, either, as to be suspected. But is it haunted by any ghost, much less Ted's? Unlikely.

I have a feeling that these claims are the result of someone's thirst for attention, which is something that certainly happens in the true crime realm. All too often are former homes of infamous murderers touted as "haunted," or at least worthy of tourism. No doubt, there will be droves of people who believe that the former Bundy home is haunted by either his vengeful, murderous spirit -- or at the least, negative energies associated with his entire existence. Whatever it is you choose to believe, be skeptical of those who exploit these beliefs for attention, profit or more.

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