Did drunk driving kill Alycia Yeoman?

As many of you are probably aware by now, the body of missing woman Alycia Yeoman has been recovered. Authorities have confirmed that the young woman's body was discovered in a river, not far from where her vehicle was previously found. This discovery brings a lot of questions to the table -- in particular, regarding how the missing woman's body wound up where it did. Was Alycia Yeoman another casualty of the dangers of drunk driving -- or was she the victim of foul play?

Loved ones of the once-missing woman are now calling for justice -- an indication that she may have been brought to some kind of harm. Meanwhile, people are expressing suspicion against the man who was known to last be with Yeoman. Michael Lizarraga claims that he doesn't believe he's a suspect in Alycia's disappearance or death, but he does admit he was with her right before she vanished. Lizarraga also admits that he drank with the 20-year-old coed, and allowed her to leave his home -- in her vehicle -- while under the influence of alcohol.

"She wanted to leave. I kept saying 'Sleep on the couch. Pass out at least a couple hours and then go home.' She said no."

So could Lizarraga be telling the truth? He's confidant that he won't be arrested in association with Alycia's disappearance and death, and his story does seem believable -- not to mention it sort of lines up with the evidence, thus far, in the case. Not long after Alycia Yeoman vanished, her truck was found wrecked off the side of the road, not far from where her body was ultimately found. It's indeed quite possible that the 20-year-old woman was intoxicated, and may have run off the road. Authorities haven't revealed whether or not there were tracks to indicate that she wandered from the wreckage of her vehicle, but it's plausible that this is what she did, and could explain how she ended up deceased in a body of water. This is not something that's entirely uncommon with people who drink and drive.

On the other hand, it's entirely plausible to believe that the intoxicated young woman fell victim to something far more sinister than the poor choice to drive while drunk. If Lizarraga is telling the truth about what happened when he last saw Yeoman, then it's likely that she fell victim to some other type of predator. Nonetheless, authorities themselves haven't really confirmed or denied any speculation floating around Yeoman's case.

So how did Alycia Yeoman die? Hopefully answers will come in time.

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