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Did drunk driving kill Alycia Yeoman?

As many of you are probably aware by now, the body of missing woman Alycia Yeoman has been recovered. Authorities have confirmed that the young woman's body was discovered in a river, not far from where her vehicle was previously found. This discovery brings a lot of questions to the table -- in particular, regarding how the missing woman's body wound up where it did. Was Alycia Yeoman another casualty of the dangers of drunk driving -- or was she the victim of foul play?

Loved ones of the once-missing woman are now calling for justice -- an indication that she may have been brought to some kind of harm. Meanwhile, people are expressing suspicion against the man who was known to last be with Yeoman. Michael Lizarraga claims that he doesn't believe he's a suspect in Alycia's disappearance or death, but he does admit he was with her right before she vanished. Lizarraga also admits that he drank with the 20-year-old coed, and allowed her to leave his home -- in her v…

Is Ted Bundy haunting this Washington home?

Serial killer Ted Bundy has been dead for many, many years, but he's in the news this week -- and for a bizarre reason. Apparently a contractor, whose company is remodeling the home where Bundy was raised, believes that the home is haunted. Is the ghost of one of America's most prolific serial killers haunting this Tacoma, Washington residence?

The contractor -- and his crew -- legitimately believe that the home is haunted. They allege that "weird things" have taken place in the residence since they began remodeling it. Some of those incidents have involved moving furniture, jiggling doorknobs, etc., etc., -- you know, the standard "haunted house" stuff.

One spooky occurrence in particular, alleged by the contractor and his crew, involves the word "leave" being scrawled in dust on the floor of the home. Now, to some people this is an extra scary sign of a malevolent spirit. But, to me, it's a sign of a hoax.

Serial killer Ted Bundy was execut…

New Mexico man found nailed to tree by horrified city workers

Authorities in New Mexico are trying to figure out how a man ended up nailed to a tree in Albuquerque, but he's reportedly "not cooperating." KIRO News 7 reports that the incident took place on Monday morning, to the bewilderment of those who discovered the man.

Authorities say that city workers, who were doing cleanup around a walking trail, were alerted to the sounds of a screaming man. When the followed the sound, they discovered a truly shocking situation. City workers say they discovered a man who had been nailed to a tree by his hands -- in an apparent mock-up of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The man is not currently being identified in any news reports, nor are any details being shared that may clarify what actually happened. However, the most recent reports surrounding this case declare that detectives are "looking for suspects," in association with Monday morning's incident. So if someone did this to the man, why wouldn't he cooperate? Fortu…