Apr 30, 2017

Where is Jamie Lee Allison Margas?

Another young woman is missing in South Carolina, and the search for her is already attracting media attention. Jamie Lee Allison Margas was last seen on April 28th. Authorities say that she has not been in contact with her loved ones since she was last seen, which has sparked concern.

Jamie Margas is from York County, and is 18-years-old. She is described as being slender and of average height, with dark hair and brown eyes. She is of a medium complexion, and often wears makeup. Police admit that they don't have a description of what she was wearing when she was last seen, but the most recent photo of her has been provided for media use.

If you see the woman in the above photo, or if you feel like you may have information useful in the search for her, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in York County, South Carolina. Any information could prove useful in locating Jamie Lee Allison Margas.

Jamie Margas is far from the only woman to go missing in South Carolina. To date, nearly 70 women are listed as missing in this southern state -- none of which have ever been found. One of the most high profile cases -- the disappearance of Heather Elvis -- took place a little over three hours away from the disappearance of Margas. Many more women are missing in closer proximity to the disappearance of this latest woman. Could this mean that this woman is missing under nefarious circumstances? It's likely, given South Carolina's poor track record with crimes against women. However, it's equally likely that this 18-year-old woman is missing voluntarily.

Only time will tell as this case unfolds -- and hopefully that time isn't stretched too far.

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