Where is Elizabeth Armistead? Texas woman missing for nearly a month

Police in Bastrop County, Texas have been looking for Elizabeth Armistead. The 26-year-old woman hasn't been seen since around March 13th, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are thin. What happened to this missing woman?

With it being nearly a month since Elizabeth vanished, it's hard to rule out that she could be the victim of foul play -- especially given the fact that she has not been in contact with her loved ones. Unfortunately, this woman's case isn't attracting much attention in the mainstream media -- nor has social media picked up any interest in it. With this lack of interest, and lack of movement, it may become easy for this case to slip between the cracks, remaining unsolved.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Elizabeth Armistead, please do not hesitate to contact authorities in Bastrop County. Authorities in Texas could use all the help necessary in locating this missing woman. 


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