Apr 6, 2017

What happened to Krista Sypher? My thoughts

Authorities in Portage County, Wisconsin have been searching for Krista Sypher since around March 20th, but little has come up in the search for the missing woman. There are some suspicious circumstances in this case that have attracted my attention. In particular, I'm perplexed at the fact that her husband failed to report her missing for at least a week after she was last seen. Does this mean he is hiding something, or that he may be involved in her disappearance? Or did other circumstances lead to the lengthy delay in reporting the Wisconsin woman missing?

Krista Sypher was reported missing by her husband on the 20th of March, but had last been seen by loved ones on the 13th -- seven days prior to being reported missing. Since the search for the missing woman began, police have executed a number of search warrants in association with the investigation. Stevens Point Journal reports that detectives aren't ruling anything out in regards to her disappearance. That includes the possibility that the 44-year-old woman is the victim of foul play. This possibility could stem from the fact that Krista's husband was the last person to see her, in their home.

Search warrants in association with this case have been sealed, so the details within them are not being released to the public. However, it's known that authorities have warrants to search the residence where the missing woman was last seen by her husband. Vehicles belonging to members of the family are also included in the "pile" of search warrants in this case.

While there is not much reported evidence to support any theory about the husband of this missing woman, I must point out that the statistics are stacked against him. In most cases involving missing or murdered women, authorities investigate the spouse or romantic partner first and foremost. Sadly, in most of these cases, their suspicions against the spouses turn out to be proven true.

Hopefully more information becomes available in the disappearance of Krista Sypher, but it looks like authorities in Wisconsin are playing this case close to their collective chests. If you know anything about this woman's disappearance, or if you think you've seen something of interest to authorities, please do not hesitate to call the Plover Police Department. 

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