Was Joann Ringer murdered? Missing woman's car located

Missing Massachusetts woman Joann Ringer vanished around March 2nd, and hasn't been in contact with her loved ones in over a month. The 39-year-old woman disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and now there are disturbing updates developing in her case. Could these latest updates indicate the worst case scenario in her disappearance? Or are authorities on the trail to locating this missing woman?

Police have confirmed that the car belonging to missing woman, Joann Ringer, has been located. The 2011 VW Jetta was found in Easthampton -- approximately an hour and a half from where she was last seen (in Clarksburg). The driven distance of this abandoned vehicle could indicate a number of possibilities in this developing case. However, the most important detail to remember is that Joann Ringer is still missing.

Authorities have their work cut out for them with this case. There are multiple questions to ask in regards to this case. For instance: What kind of lifestyle did Joann Ringer live? The circumstances of her life, the people with whom she surrounded herself, etc., etc., could lend a hand in narrowing down leads.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Joann Ringer, you are encouraged to contact authorities in Berkshire County, Mass. with any information you may have.


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