Was Annalise McClanahan-Calvert kidnapped?

Authorities in California are looking for 16-year-old Annalise McClanahan-Calvert. The young woman vanished on Sunday night, after walking outside during a church service that she was attending. Her loved ones are frantically trying to find her, and police are handling this disappearance as a "runaway" case. However, other circumstances may indicate that something is amiss in Northern California. Could this missing teen be the victim of foul play? Or is she missing voluntarily? 

It should be noted that this is the second disappearance of a young woman, within a five-mile-radius, in the past two weeks. That detail alone is enough to feel a sense of dread, even though there aren't many details to indicate any outcome in this disappearance. Almost two weeks ago, 20-year-old Yuba College coed, Alycia Yeoman, disappeared after leaving her residence. Her truck has been found abandoned, but she still remains missing. The disappearance of 16-year-old Annalise McClanahan-Calvert took place approximately five miles from the disappearance of Alycia Yeoman.

Are these two disappearances related?

It's absolutely easy to look at two disappearances with suspicion, when they have occurred so close in time and distance together. However, coincidences can and do happen. While one case may be a possible kidnapping, the other could be a voluntary disappearance -- or vice versa. However, it should be noted that neither the disappearances of Alycia Yeoman or Annalise McClanahan-Calvert are being referred to as possible kidnappings. While authorities aren't ruling anything out, they are specifically investigating  Annalise's disappearance as a voluntary runaway situation.

I want to point out that police get things wrong sometimes. If it's not in this teen's ordinary behavior to disappear like this, then her loved ones need to remain diligent in pushing for her to be found. Hopefully the 16-year-old girl turns up soon, and this does turn out to be nothing more than a case of a runaway teen. But with the disappearance of Alycia Yeoman taking place just a short distance away, I'm a little concerned -- and I think detectives should be too.


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