The Heather Elvis podcast: What you missed

I finally aired the Heather Elvis podcast, even though I was more than a week late. I do apologize for all the scheduling issues -- which seem to be the norm these days. I promise that I will deliver more episodes to you on a more frequent basis, even if it's only once every two weeks or so.

As for the Heather Elvis podcast, I talked about the circumstances of Heather's disappearance, and the interview that Tammy Moorer granted me in 2013. I focused on the behavior of the woman now accused of participating in the alleged kidnapping of the Myrtle Beach woman. I also made an exciting announcement at the end of the broadcast!

I didn't have time to take calls in this half-hour episode, but next time I will open the lines up to take live callers.

To listen to the podcast, use the player below:

Listen to "Mystery in Myrtle Beach: The Heather Elvis Disappearance" on Spreaker.


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