Taylorlyn Nelson presumed murdered, but where is her body?

Authorities in Arizona have been searching for 21-year-old Taylorlyn Nelson since the end of March, but there are now some devastating developments in her case. Loved ones of the missing woman have confirmed that a man has been arrested in association with her murder. However, she remains missing with no determinable end to the search. Will this missing woman's body ever be found, or is the state of Arizona going to have to prosecute their suspect without a body of evidence?

Taylorlyn vanished from the Phoenix area sometime after March 11. Since she was last seen, her disappearance has attracted media attention, thanks to the endeavors of her loved ones. Unfortunately, an update from her family members has confirmed that a man named Kodi Bowe has been arrested, and is accused of killing the 21-year-old Arizona woman. Circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of the missing woman are not yet being clarified in media reports.

How did this woman die? Was the man accused of killing her someone she trusted, or was this an act of random homicidal violence? Hopefully some information can be shed on this developing tragedy. Meanwhile, authorities continue searching for the remains of the woman believed to be slain by Kodi Bowe.


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