Stephen McAfee reportedly found dismembered and buried after missing for over a year

Police have made a gruesome discovery in the search for a man who has been missing for more than a year. CBS News reports that the dismembered body of Stephen McAfee has been located -- but that's not the only shocking development in this previously-cold case.

Authorities with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office reportedly located dismembered human remains on two different properties -- an abandoned property in Bruce Township, and the property inhabited by a 19-year-old man named Andrew Fiacco. 

Both Fiacco and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Yvette MacDonald, have been arrested in association with the missing Michigan man's death. Police have confirmed that these arrests may not have been made possible without the information provided by two tipsters. A young woman and her father reportedly met with detectives to reveal to them that 18-year-old Yvette MacDonald had admitted to helping Fiacco dispose of the 19-year-old missing man's body.

MacDonald has reportedly claimed that Fiacco shot Stephen McAfee, and over a span of a month after the murder she and the 19-year-old suspect dismembered and disposed of the man's remains. She has been charged as an accessory to murder, along with mutilation of a dead body -- but could she face further charges?

Nineteen-year-old Stephen McAfee vanished in March 2016 under suspicious circumstances. While he had been known to disappear in the past, his loved ones were concerned that he had not been keeping in touch with them. Over the past year there has been little to no coverage of this man's case in the mainstream media, but authorities in Michigan did continue looking for clues. Nonetheless, it's thanks to two good Samaritans that this chapter of the case can be closed.

It's absolutely tragic that the search for Stephen McAfee came to this end, but it's hopeful that the two people responsible for his demise -- and the suffering of his family for over a year -- are brought to justice.


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