Satara 'Silver' Stratton: A heartbreaking update

I'm saddened to share with readers of the Case to Case blog, that Satara Stratton has passed away. For those of you who remember her, she was the focus of one of my cases, back in 2012. She had gone missing, and her mother reached out to me. After Satara was found, she had a long road of recovery ahead of her, and I have been there to watch her along that path with hopes that she'd continue flourishing into the talented and ambitious person she was.

It's been five years since she was rescued from the grips of the sex offender who held her captive, and who kept her compliant with drugs. It's been five years since Satara was given a second chance at life, and she took great advantage of that second chance.

Some people are saying that Satara's death is the result of a drug overdose -- that she relapsed into heroin addiction. These insensitive, and ignorant, comments are all over the internet right now (I'm looking at you MyDeathSpace).

The fact of the matter is this: A homicide investigation is currently open in association with the death of Satara "Silver" Stratton. 

None of us are really privy to the details surrounding this investigation. However, I am in contact with Satara's mother, and I am offering my assistance in any way that I can (even if it's simply through pushing awareness of her death in hopes that it puts the pressure on whomever is responsible).

Satara will be heavily missed by anyone who knew her. She was more than what superficial media reports ever made her out to be. She was incredibly intelligent. She was compassionate. She was driven by that intelligence and compassion to be involved in politics -- and her love of the arts fueled her ambition to be an actress. She was a multi-faceted person who shone as brightly as any star could.

May whomever took her life experience justice at the fullest, most possible extent.
I wrote this in 2015 -- two years after her rescue


  1. Thank you! Facts are greater than fiction, and it is sad so many wanted this to prove them right, a drug overdose. Although drugs may play a hand due to past triggers/mental impacts of trafficking it is clear there is more to the situation than we may ever know. The FBI do not take this so lightly, as LADAs but her protectors knew the truth.


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