Missouri mom accused of medical child abuse

A Missouri mom has been arrested, after authorities say she intentionally overdosed her own son with prescription steroids. KY 3 News reports that Sandra Stilgenbauer is accused of committing medical child abuse over the course of at least three years.

It's what some are calling a classic case of Muchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Authorities say that Stilgenbauer, herself a licensed medical professional, was warned by her son's primary doctors to not administer medications that he may not need. Nonetheless, she allegedly concocted the directive that he needed steroids, not long after he had undergone a gallbladder removal surgery.

Detectives say that the Missouri mom sought out the services of multiple doctors, before finally finding one who was willing to prescribe the medication -- which, again, was reportedly not needed. Medical professionals say that the past three years of dosing the child with steroids has caused him to develop a rare condition called Cushing Syndrome. Cushing Syndrome reportedly affects only around 200,000 people, and is considered to be the leading result of prolonged exposure of cortisol (which can be found in prescription steroids).

It's fortunate that Sandra Stilgenbauer has been apprehended before any further damage could be done to her son. However, Cushing Syndrome is a troublesome condition. While it can be successfully treated, it could also lead to the formation of cancerous tumors. Hopefully any damage caused to this child is reversible, and he can go on to live a normal life.

As for the Missouri mom accused of medical child abuse: Hopefully they throw the book at her. It seems that far too often mothers take advantage of the attention that comes from having a sick or disabled child -- sometimes to the point of inflicting serious injuries to their own flesh and blood for that sought-after "high." 


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