Missing teen alert: Where is Mikayla Chronister?

Authorities in Marion County, Oregon are looking for 16-year-old Mikayla Chronister. The teen was last seen on Christmas day 2016 -- but her disappearance has not attracted even a second of media coverage. With it being nearly four months since she vanished, will she ever resurface? Was this teen's holiday disappearance the result of something criminal, or is she another runaway waiting to resurface when she's of-age?

It's always disturbing to see a disappearance receive no media attention, especially when the disappearance involves a teenage girl. Mikayla Chronister's disappearance comes with very few details, so the circumstances surrounding her case are practically unknown by anyone but her loved ones. Meanwhile, authorities in Oregon are sharing her flyer on social media -- and she's listed among Oregon's missing children cases.

I should note that there are at least two public profiles on Facebook seeming to belong to this missing teenager. One of those profiles appears to show activity as recently as March -- indicating that she may no longer be "missing." However, authorities in Marion County Oregon continue to share her flyers as if she is still a missing teen. Could this mean that her social media profiles are fake? Or could this mean that she is brazenly using them while hiding from her loved ones as a runaway? Either of those scenarios are likely in a missing person investigation.

Mikayla Chronister is still officially missing.


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