Apr 6, 2017

Jessica Runions update: Remains found after six month search

Remains belonging to missing woman Jessica Runions have been located and identified, bringing an end to a search that has spanned across six months. Authorities have confirmed that a skull was found in a remote area -- not far from another set of human remains, which have not yet been identified. Was this missing woman slain? What's more: Is her death connected to the unidentified  body found near her remains?

A man has already been arrested in association with Jessica's disappearance, and has remained the prime suspect since his September arrest. Kylr Yust is accused of burning the vehicle belonging to Jessica Runions, which he allegedly did shortly following her mysterious disappearance. This, naturally, put him in the spotlight as the only suspect in her disappearance. Kylr is also accused of involvement with the disappearance of another young woman named Kara Kopetsky.

The loved ones of Kopetsky are awaiting the results of a possible identification of the other set of remains found near Jessica's skull. However, it's in the air as to how the identification could go. If the body belongs to the woman missing since 2007, this could confirm a definite connection between the two girls' disappearances. It could also directly connect Kylr Yust to both disappearances, once and for all, if he is tied at all to the scene of the recent grim discovery.

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