Horrifying Easter Sunday Crimes

Easter Sunday isn't all about chocolate, family dinners and festive scavenger hunts. It's also a day on which a plethora of horrifying crimes have been committed. While you enjoy this year's Spring festivities, keep in mind how lucky you are that you're not one of the subjects of the following horrifying cases (yet).

A brutal triple-slaying
In the year 1937, a disgruntled New Yorker apparently lost his mind on what some consider to be among the holiest of days. Police say Joseph Gedeon violently murdered his wife and his adult daughter, before turning on a roommate (boarder) in the home. The triple-slaying attracted mass media attention, not only because of the ferocity of the crime, but the day on which it occurred.

Joseph Gedeon denied knowledge of the crime, telling police that he had been out bowling on the night that his daughter (a model), his wife and their boarder were shot dead. However, detectives discovered a gun in his possession, which matched what was presumed used to kill the three victims. Other evidence led them to insist that Gedeon indeed committed the three murders.

The Rupert Massacre
On Easter Sunday, in the year 1975, an Ohio man committed a grisly multiple-slaying that outdid the brutality of the Gedeon murders of 1937. James Rupert methodically shot 11 members of his immediate and extended family at approximately 4:00 in the afternoon -- not long after the children in the family enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. The Ohio man used at least four different firearms to execute each member of his family, including the kids, shooting some of them multiple times each. Police have historically said that it didn't take longer than five minutes for James Rupert to execute 11 family members on what was supposed to be a day of family togetherness.

A senseless tragedy
On Easter Sunday 2016, a three-year-old girl became the victim of a senseless act of violence. The Detroit child was slain, after an intruder entered her family's residence and opened fire. Three-year-old Anaiya Denise Montgomery was shot multiple times, and died at the scene of the violent incident. Other members of her family were also shot, but nobody else suffered fatal injuries aside from the innocent toddler. Three people have been charged in association with Anaiya's murder.


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