Henderson mom smiles in mugshot after killing toddler son

A Henderson, Nevada mom has been charged with killing her own son, but judging by her mugshot, it doesn't look like she's bothered by the arrest. Police say that 29-year-old Jazmin Ramirez lied about how her two-year-old child sustained fatal injuries, when she first reported to emergency workers that he wasn't breathing. However, the truth is coming out in this shocking case of alleged infanticide.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that two-year-old Uriel Heczko was pronounced dead on March 13th, after his mother called 911 to report that she had found him unresponsive in their home. At the time, she claimed that the tot had suffered injuries after falling from a bed, but a medical exam quickly found that this could not be the case. The two-year-old child passed away from his injuries, not long after his mother reported the incident.

It's highly likely that the Henderson mother beat or shook the toddler to death -- or a combination of both. Sadly, cases like these are the norm -- with approximately five children in the U.S. dying in abusive incidents per week. It's also incredibly common for perpetrators of abuse to attempt to blame injuries on accidental events. Fortunately, forensic medicine has made it nearly impossible for perpetrators of child abuse to get away with their crimes.

Jazmin Ramirez has been charged with murder, but it's unknown at this time if any other charges could come to light as the investigation continues. What's obvious by her booking photo, however, is that this so-called mother doesn't seem to care -- either that, or she believes she's going to get away with what authorities say is the murder of her own child.


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