California teen accused of raping and killing elderly woman

A California teen has been arrested for committing an absolutely atrocious crime, which has left an 61-year-old woman dead. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 18-year-old Neven Butler is accused of raping and murdering the elderly woman in an usual location: A high school track.

Police say that the 61-year-old unnamed victim was walking along the track with a female friend, when the 18-year-old suspect seemed to appear from nowhere. Butler allegedly attacked the elderly woman, but also turned on her friend (who was trying to stop the assault). Ultimately, both women were raped by the assailant. However, authorities say that 18-year-old Neven Butler violently battered the 61-year-old victim to death as her younger friend fled from the scene to find help.

It appears that the California teen was on a sort of crime spree. That became apparent to police, who arrested him later in the same day, while in the middle of committing another assault. Police say the 18-year-old man was assaulting a 92-year-old woman when they arrested him "without incident."


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