Apr 6, 2017

Alycia Yeoman update: Abandoned vehicle stirs worry in missing woman's case

Authorities in California are looking for missing Yuba College coed, Alycia Yeoman, who hasn't been seen since last Thursday. Now there are disturbing developments in this already-worrisome case, which could indicate a worst-case-scenario. The truck belonging to the missing California woman has been located, but she is still nowhere in sight.

This disappearance is particularly disturbing, due to the possibility that the missing woman could be a victim of kidnapping. However, authorities haven't necessarily confirmed with 100% certainty that Alycia Yeoman was abducted, or is missing against her will. What evidence exists in this case to support such a theory?

As for the discovery of the truck belonging to the missing woman: Authorities say that it had apparently gone off the road approximately 10 miles from the home where she was last seen. Police say footprints were visible in the mud near the abandoned vehicle, which appeared to walk away from it. This could indicate that Alycia Yeoman was involved in an accident before wandering way from the vehicle on her own. What's worrisome about this possibility, is the possibility that the young coed could have been seriously injured in the incident. I should note that police have not noted whether or not any signs of injury were present at the scene of the abandoned truck.

Another possibility exists in this missing woman's case, however, but it's not a pleasant one at all. With it being several days since Alycia was last seen, it's hard to imagine that she'd not turn up if she was not indeed the victim of foul play. It's not out of the realm of possibility to theorize that an unknown party purposely drove the vehicle belonging to Alycia off the road and into the field where it was located. No evidence has been publicized to support such a theory, however.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Alycia Yeoman, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Live Oak, California.

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