Apr 30, 2017

Alycia Yeoman remains missing after one month

It has been an entire month since Alycia Yeoman was last seen, and her loved ones are growing increasingly desperate for answers. In the latest update in the missing California woman's case, her family is now offering a reward in the amount of $50k, for any information that leads to her location -- or answers behind what may have happened to her. Her parents say that they refuse to give up on finding her.

Alycia was last seen on March 30, 2017 after leaving her home in her truck, which was later found abandoned in a muddy ravine -- along with her cellphone. It could be possible that her truck was purposefully driven off the road, but also possible that the 20-year-old coed was involved in an accident, before wandering away on foot. However, it should be noted that no evidence has ever indicated that Yeoman wandered away from her wrecked truck. 

Over the course of the search for Alycia Yeoman, random texts messages were sent to her mom claiming that she had been kidnapped. However, those text messages were later revealed to be "hoaxed." Nonetheless, with it being a month into the search for her, it's hard to believe that she could be voluntarily missing. Is it possible that someone has preyed upon Alycia Yeoman?

Or is it possible that this woman has disappeared in order to inflict harm on herself? While there are no reports sharing any kind of information to back up this theory, it should go without saying that any option should be explored while searching for a missing person. 

Regardless of all the speculation, one fact remains, and that is that Alycia Yeoman remains missing. Hopefully this case doesn't crawl forward for another month before her loved ones get the answers they deserve.

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