Who killed Isabel Celis?

Tucson authorities have confirmed that the body of missing child, Isabel Celis, has been found. This update comes approximately five years after the six-year-old child went missing from her family's residence. Now that the child has been found, albeit under horrifying circumstances, the case must move forward so that justice can be served. Will we ever find out who killed this missing child, or will the answers behind her death remain buried for more years to come?

Police in Tucson say that remains identified as Isabel Celis were located in a remote area of Pima County, Arizona. The exact location of the grisly discovery has not been revealed by detectives, as they continue to investigate the circumstances of the discovery of Isabel's body. They are also not answering questions regarding specifics of the location -- such as whether or not it was in close(ish) proximity from where she vanished in 2012.

Over the course of the past five years, public suspicion has hovered mostly over the family of Isabel Celis. In particular, her father has been held under intense scrutiny. That's because of his incredibly suspicious behavior surrounding the disappearance of his own daughter -- whom was last seen by him. Paired with the fact that evidence of potential violence was found in the home, the man's behavior hasn't helped him. To make matters more suspicious, CPS in Arizona reportedly ordered that the child's father move out of the home -- separating him from his wife and other children -- not long after Isabel disappeared.

So does that mean the person behind Isabel's death is someone close to home? It very well could mean that. However, authorities in Tucson have not specified anything in their investigation on which to speculate. For all that is known, Isabel Celis could have fallen victim to an opportunistic stranger who gained access to her family's home.

Hopefully we won't have to wait another five or more years to find out what happened to this once-missing child. 


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