Retirement from "professional" writing

Hey guys! I'm announcing a pretty drastic change in my life, that I hope you can all stand behind. As of right now, I have retired from writing "professionally." That means you will no longer see my work on The Inquisitr, Huffington Post or any of the other sites that I have had previous contracts with as a writer.

That doesn't mean that I have retired from writing altogether! In fact, this retirement from the world of paid content writing means that I will now be able to focus more time on original true crime books. I will also publish posts on this blog -- but ONLY this blog!

This decision comes after weeks of consideration. I have decided that I want to spend more time as an equal partner with my husband, who is working hard on his growing business here in Las Vegas. I also want to spend more time creating art and dedicating time to families who want my assistance as an independent profiler of unsolved crimes. Writing for other people to make money that I no longer need to make is counterproductive to the goals I want to achieve in life.

So here's to a future of more full-length books, and no more pay-per-click articles!


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