Feb 11, 2017

Jodi Ecklund's spaghetti was just OK

Police in Merrimack, New Hampshire have arrested a woman, after an hours-long standoff that began with a simple spaghetti dinner. The Dreamin' Demon reports that Jodi Ecklund allegedly assaulted her boyfriend when the praise he gave her home-cooked meal wasn't to her satisfaction.

Police responded to the residence shared by the New Hampshire couple last Saturday night, upon learning that a domestic violence incident had taken place. When they arrived at the scene, the woman's boyfriend explained to them that she had attacked him after preparing him a spaghetti dinner. The reason for the attack? According to the New Hampshire man, when she asked how it was he said it was just "OK."

The man's response reportedly triggered the woman to fly in to a rage. Police say Jodi Ecklund punched her boyfriend in the face and in the arm. The man was able to flee from the apartment, but was locked out of the home so he couldn't return -- which is probably for the best, considering what happened next.

Police say that Jodi Ecklund barricaded herself in the home and wouldn't come out. At the time of the incident, the woman's boyfriend told police that she was heavily armed, while she was shouting threats from the locked home. Police say the New Hampshire woman threatened to shoot them, and or herself, while demanding that they leave. When they tried to enter the apartment, she warned them that the safety was off on her firearm.

Eventually, they were able to get into the apartment and apprehend the New Hampshire woman, who has now been charged with multiple crimes. Jodi Ecklund is currently being held in jail on bail in the amount of $25k.

It's hard to imagine that this all began with the simple act of her boyfriend telling her that the spaghetti she prepared was just "OK." That's probably why she's being asked to undergo a mental evaluation and inpatient treatment. Reports say that she could waive the $25k bail amount by entering a mental facility for observation and treatment.

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