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Book errors and the perils of self-publishing

As many of you know, I've had to recently pull and republish my book The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What Really Happened? due to formatting and other related errors. This minor setback only affected the Kindle/e-book version of the book, as paperbacks have always been available (and continue to be). Currently, the e-book version is on Amazon for a very affordable price!

As for the errors: As far as I can tell, any major formatting issues have been fixed. However, I cannot promise to be 100% perfect in my efforts, because I am only one person. I self-publish. I do not have a team of editors or proofreaders -- though I admit that I could hire one or two to help make things easier. In the meantime, I hope my readers understand that I'm not perfect, but I will continue to strive to publish stories of crime and intrigue for many years to come.

Madeleine McCann book giveaway: Win an autographed copy!

Hey everyone! Who wants an autographed copy of my book The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann? I have a single autographed copy available that I am willing to give away to one lucky reader.

To participate:

Simply join the event page on Facebook, by clicking here. Make a post on the event page using the hashtag #Justice4Maddie

That's it!

Now all you gotta do is wait until March 2nd, and I will announce the winner!

Las Vegas Missing Teen Alert: Marcos Molina missing since Jan. 03, 2017

Authorities in Las Vegas, Nevada are looking for 16-year-old Marcos Molina. The Las Vegas teen has been missing since January 03, 2017 -- More than a month.

Marcos Molina is considered missing/endangered -- but no further details are publicly available regarding the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

CFSI Nevada has shared the flyer for this missing teen. Please click here and share!

Jodi Ecklund's spaghetti was just OK

Police in Merrimack, New Hampshire have arrested a woman, after an hours-long standoff that began with a simple spaghetti dinner. The Dreamin' Demon reports that Jodi Ecklund allegedly assaulted her boyfriend when the praise he gave her home-cooked meal wasn't to her satisfaction.

Police responded to the residence shared by the New Hampshire couple last Saturday night, upon learning that a domestic violence incident had taken place. When they arrived at the scene, the woman's boyfriend explained to them that she had attacked him after preparing him a spaghetti dinner. The reason for the attack? According to the New Hampshire man, when she asked how it was he said it was just "OK."

The man's response reportedly triggered the woman to fly in to a rage. Police say Jodi Ecklund punched her boyfriend in the face and in the arm. The man was able to flee from the apartment, but was locked out of the home so he couldn't return -- which is probably for the best, …

Are Madeleine McCann's parents suspects in her disappearance?

The parents of missing child Madeleine McCann aren't having a good 2017, apparently. First of all, they've ultimately lost their libel suit against Goncalo Amaral -- but that's not the most shocking update in this case. Now it's being reported, by some media outlets, that Kate and Gerry aren't necessarily cleared in association with their daughter's disappearance.

The Irish Independent reports that Kate and Gerry McCann aren't out of the woods yet. The Supreme Court Judge who recently ruled in favor of Goncalo Amaral has expressed that the British couple may not be innocent. To be exact, the judge has declared that even though the official title of "arguido" has been lifted from the couple, doesn't mean that they are innocent of wrongdoing in Madeleine's disappearance.

This statement comes as a breath of fresh air, as the only evidence that has ever existed in this case has pointed directly at Kate and Gerry. No evidence of an intruder has…

Retirement from "professional" writing

Hey guys! I'm announcing a pretty drastic change in my life, that I hope you can all stand behind. As of right now, I have retired from writing "professionally." That means you will no longer see my work on The Inquisitr, Huffington Post or any of the other sites that I have had previous contracts with as a writer.

That doesn't mean that I have retired from writing altogether! In fact, this retirement from the world of paid content writing means that I will now be able to focus more time on original true crime books. I will also publish posts on this blog -- but ONLY this blog!

This decision comes after weeks of consideration. I have decided that I want to spend more time as an equal partner with my husband, who is working hard on his growing business here in Las Vegas. I also want to spend more time creating art and dedicating time to families who want my assistance as an independent profiler of unsolved crimes. Writing for other people to make money that I no long…