Who is 'Sahara Sue?'

Who is Sahara Sue? The simplest answer is that this is the nickname given to a young woman, who was found slain in Las Vegas, on Aug. 14, 1979. This Jane Doe has remained unidentified for nearly 40 years, making her one of Sin City's oldest unsolved cases (of which there are many). The details surrounding this unidentified murder victim are disturbing -- especially given the fact that her killer has never been identified or brought to justice.

The body of this unidentified woman was located in a vacant parking lot near Las Vegas Blvd. S., and Sahara Ave., -- a location which lent in giving this Jane Doe her notorious nickname. When her body was found, it was believed that she had only been dead for a handful of hours. She was violently murdered, with several stab wounds to her abdomen, among other injuries. There was no doubt upon the discovery of her body that Sahara Sue was the victim of a homicide -- but she had no identification on her, and no means by which to find out her true identity.

Shortly before the discovery of her body, witnesses in the area claimed to see a woman matching her description walking into a liquor store with an unknown white male. Through police investigations, it was found that the stabbing victim may have worked in a motel in the city, and may have gone by the name "Shawna" or "Shauna." Forensic testing of her body -- during an autopsy -- revealed that she may have spent time in California shortly before her violent demise.

Even with the tidbits of evidence gathered, it has still been over 38 years since this unidentified woman's body was discovered. Over the course of these many years, she has not been positively identified. Many missing women have been ruled out, and none have offered any definitive match to this Las Vegas Jane Doe.

Will we ever know the true identity of Sin City's Sahara Sue?


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