Religious parents let their child die in pain while 'praying for his health'

Two Minnesota parents have been arrested, after they reportedly allowed their seven-year-old son to die of pancreatitis, without seeking medical attention. Ozarks First reports that Timothy and Sarah Johnson, a highly religious couple who have "issues with doctors," chose to pray for their child, instead of taking him to the hospital, when he showed signs of extreme, life-threatening illness.

Police say that the Minnesota couple left the little boy in the care of an older sibling, to go out of town for a wedding, even after they knew that he was gravely ill. The night they returned from their little holiday, they found the seven-year-old lad, named Seth, unresponsive. The parents have noted that he did not "react" when they "prayed for his health."

The parents of this poor child have admitted to police that they were aware that he was ill before they took off and left him in the care of a sibling for a handful of days. They have admitted that they chose to attempt treating him at home, because they were worried that doctors would "put him on medications." Of course, those medications and the attention of trained doctors would have very likely saved the child's life.

Seth died on March 30 of last year, and was found on a vomit-covered mattress in his family's residence. At the time of his death, officials noted that the child was covered with bruises and contusions -- which could indicate possible abuse. Nonetheless, the child's cause of death has been determined as pancreatitis. It should be noted, however, that acute pancreatitis could be caused by injury to the pancreas. Is it possible that this child was the victim of physical child abuse in the days leading to his death? Or do the lad's parents share responsibility for relying on their religion to heal a child who was in severe need of medical attention? 


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