Police: Texas man raped and stabbed baby

A Texas man (and his girlfriend) has been arrested on accusations that he violently sexually assaulted a one-year-old infant. KTNV News reports that 23-year-old Isaac Andrew Cardenas is facing charges associated with the incident, which reportedly took place on New Year's Eve.

Police say that they were alerted to the incident the night it took place. They responded to an emergency call on Saturday night, believing that the one-year-old girl had been bitten by dogs in an attack at the Bexar County residence. However, a medical examination of the child showed that dogs had absolutely nothing to do with the numerous injuries she sustained.

Police say that the child had been violently sexually assaulted, beaten and stabbed multiple times -- leaving her fortunate to have survived at all. Police say she was stabbed in multiple parts of her body -- including her genitals -- which could have been done in an attempt to mask the sexual assault that had been committed. Fortunately, the child is reportedly "in stable condition," at a San Antonio hospital.

Isaac Andrew Cardenas has been charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Crystal Herrera, has also been arrested. The 22-year-old woman has been charged with injury to a child by omission. In other words, the woman is accused of standing by and allowing her boyfriend to sexually assault and stab the one-year-old infant. Authorities aren't clarifying on the relationship between the Texas couple and the one-year-old victim, but they do confirm that she is "related to Herrera."

Hopefully more information comes out in this case, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the victim is the daughter of the woman pictured in the above mugshot (left). If my suspicions are correct, then that would make the Texas woman just another one of those women who have sacrificed their children to the deviances of the men they allow into their lives. It's fortunate that the infant is in stable condition after suffering such a horrendous attack. Hopefully this innocent child receives total justice for what was allegedly done to her.


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