Jan 17, 2017

Man Pretended To Be Justin Bieber To Trick Child Into Sending Him Nudes

A Los Angeles man has been arrested, after authorities say a man from Massachusetts tried to trick a nine-year-old girl into sending him nude photos. CBS News reports that 24-year-old Bryan Asrary told the child that he was Justin Bieber, in order to trick her.

Police say that the victim -- who is now 11-years-old -- was contacted on the internet by the man two years ago. The incident took place while the girl was playing around on Bieber's Instagram account, which apparently attracted the attention of the 24-year-old Massachusetts man. He reached out to the girl via direct message on the popular social media site.

The little girl says that the man told her to message him on KIK to talk to Justin Bieber -- which is where he evidently posed as the pop singer to trick the girl into thinking she was talking to him. Police say that Bryan Asrary coerced the girl into sending him nude photos of herself, threatening to hurt her if she didn't do it. For some reason, the girl was coerced into doing exactly what he wanted.

The 11-year-old victim says that Asrary contacted her again, demanding more photos of her. This time he threatened to publicize the photos that she had already sent him. Reports aren't clarifying on how authorities were alerted to the man's behavior, but they were able to track him down and question him regarding the alleged incidents. Police say that he has admitted to pretending to be Justin Bieber in order to extort inappropriate photos from young girls.

Bryan Asrary is being held in Massachusetts on suspicion of possession of child pornography. He may also face further charges in the state of California, which is where the young victim reportedly resides.

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