Jan 5, 2017

Alleged kidnapper and rapist smiles in mugshot after arrest

An accused kidnapper and rapist has been arrested, and now he's facing charges in association with the incident. Police in Morehead, Kentucky say that 25-year-old Carson Carter has admitted to his actions -- and he even offered a bit of a smile in his booking photo.

The incident reportedly took place on Dec. 30, shortly before New Year's Eve celebrations got into full-swing. An unnamed Rowan County woman reported to police that she had been kidnapped and raped by the man, but she had absolutely no memory of how she wound up in his home. This is where the story gets absolutely bizarre.

The unnamed woman told police that she went home from a bar with her fiance', before falling asleep on the couch in the home the couple shared. She said that she later woke up in the presence of the 25-year-old Kentucky man, and she was no longer in her home. She doesn't remember being transported from points (a) to (b). The woman also said that she discovered that the man had raped her over the course of the time that she was unconscious in his custody.

Carson Carter was interrogated by authorities, and quickly admitted to removing the home from her home -- after entering it uninvited. He told police that he raped her while she was asleep on the couch in her residence, shortly before removing her from the home and taking her with him to Elliott County.

The Kentucky man offered no known reasoning for his actions, nor has it been published as to how he knew to enter the woman's home, where she would be sleeping. It seems that there are a lot of details that are yet to be revealed in this bizarre case of kidnapping and rape. Meanwhile, Carson Carter has been charged with 2nd degree rape, 2nd degree burglary and kidnapping. 

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