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Jan 17, 2017

The body of missing woman Donella Zukosky has been located, bringing a tragic end to the search for her. Fox 23 News reports that a person of interest has also been arrested in association with the Oklahoma woman's disappearance and death.

The person of interest in this case has not yet been identified by authorities, but family members of the once-missing woman believe that this person of interest is who led police to her body. There are no other details available regarding this heartbreaking discovery at this time.

Please continue to check back on the Case to Case blog for more updates on this case.
A Los Angeles man has been arrested, after authorities say a man from Massachusetts tried to trick a nine-year-old girl into sending him nude photos. CBS News reports that 24-year-old Bryan Asrary told the child that he was Justin Bieber, in order to trick her.

Police say that the victim -- who is now 11-years-old -- was contacted on the internet by the man two years ago. The incident took place while the girl was playing around on Bieber's Instagram account, which apparently attracted the attention of the 24-year-old Massachusetts man. He reached out to the girl via direct message on the popular social media site.

The little girl says that the man told her to message him on KIK to talk to Justin Bieber -- which is where he evidently posed as the pop singer to trick the girl into thinking she was talking to him. Police say that Bryan Asrary coerced the girl into sending him nude photos of herself, threatening to hurt her if she didn't do it. For some reason, the girl was coerced into doing exactly what he wanted.

The 11-year-old victim says that Asrary contacted her again, demanding more photos of her. This time he threatened to publicize the photos that she had already sent him. Reports aren't clarifying on how authorities were alerted to the man's behavior, but they were able to track him down and question him regarding the alleged incidents. Police say that he has admitted to pretending to be Justin Bieber in order to extort inappropriate photos from young girls.

Bryan Asrary is being held in Massachusetts on suspicion of possession of child pornography. He may also face further charges in the state of California, which is where the young victim reportedly resides.
Update: Liddia has been located safely.

Authorities in Lovelock, Nevada are looking for 16-year-old Liddia Weatherman. The young girl was last seen on January 16, 2017, and has not been in contact with her loved ones since. She is 5'4", weighs around 120 lbs., and has dyed black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is shaved on the side as shown in recent photos of her.

Please view the missing flyer for Liddia Weatherman via the CFSI Nevada for Missing Children Facebook page (click here) 

Jan 8, 2017

The Case to Case podcast is back on a permanent schedule! Every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. -- Pacific time -- you can catch a live broadcast here on the Case to Case blog. You can also go straight to my Spreaker profile by clicking here, and bookmarking it. If you subscribe on the Spreaker page, you'll be notified every time there's a show. This week's episode is going to focus on missing people.

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Jan 5, 2017

Recently, residents of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania were duped when they fell for a hoax on social media, which involved the fake disappearance of a child. With good intentions, these people reacted as anyone should when notified about the possibility of a missing child: They shared the hell out of the posts, in hopes of locating the lad or getting his face out in the public view. However, the child in this latest viral Facebook campaign wasn't ever missing. 

Fake news has been getting a lot of attention on social media these days, especially with the belief that satire news articles played a role in the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. However, fake posts involving crime stories (including missing people) pass through social media feeds every day. While it's a headache that this particular post went viral among residents of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it's absolutely fortunate that this child is not indeed missing.

It takes a special kind of person to exploit the concept of a missing child in order to troll people on social media, but as long as the means exist, these people will continue finding ways to play "practical jokes" on those who have good intentions. Hopefully the rest of us don't let these trolls affect how we broadcast and alert others to the real dangers of missing children. For every single "fake" missing child alert, there are far more legitimately missing kids that need our attention.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: On the evening of December 18, 1997, 10-year-old Amber Renee Barker was reported missing by her family. The child had last been seen at around 6:00 that evening, riding her bike from a friend's residence -- on her way back home. Suffice it to say, the child never made it to her intended destination, which kicked off a high-profile search for her that has still come out fruitless all these many years later. It's been two decades since this child was reported missing, but the circumstances remain as suspicious as they were on that fateful evening in 1997.

The last time Amber's mother spoke to her was just moments before she embarked from her friend's home, on her bicycle. She had phoned her mom to tell her that she was on her way home, and that she would be there soon. However, after some time had passed, it had become evident that something happened to the 10-year-old Oklahoma City girl. Authorities, and loved ones, searched for the child throughout the night, upon the initial report of her disappearance, but this search came out fruitless.

It wasn't until the following morning that the first piece of evidence in Amber Barker's case made itself apparent. Her bicycle was located, abandoned, in Denniston park. This was approximately one mile from the child's home. The discovery of the bike, as disturbing as it was, was not the worst of the evidence gathered in the days following Amber's disappearance. Detectives also located articles of the child's clothing, which had been abandoned along a street. Authorities noted that the child's shoes were located, separately, a block apart from one another.

Detectives also found blood and hair evidence, along with vomit (which was located on a sweater belonging to the girl).

Over the course of the past 20 years of investigation, nothing definitive has been found in order to locate the child's remains or at least find out who is behind her disappearance. Due to the evidence found in the search for Amber Renee Barker, authorities believe that she was the victim of foul play. More than one person of interest has come up in this case -- none of which have ever been charged or convicted in association with her disappearance or death.

 One person stands out in the lineup of potential suspects in this case, however, but there will never be any closure if he was involved. Daniel John Smith -- the husband of Amber's older sister -- was questioned following the child's disappearance. Smith had a reported history of being accused of similar crimes, so he seemed like an ideal person of interest. Unfortunately, Daniel John Smith committed suicide by hanging, just four days following the disappearance of Amber Barker. Police never declared him a suspect -- even after his suspicious suicide.

Will Amber Barker ever be found? Will her mysterious and tragic case ever find closure?

As many of you are aware, I've recently revived the Case to Case podcast, with hopes of airing it, live, every week. However, I've struggled with using the BlogTalkRadio platform to host my show. I told you guys last week that I wasn't sure I would stay on BTR, and now it's time to make my final decision.

Back when this podcast began (several years ago) I used BlogTalkRadio, because I didn't know much about podcasting and sound quality. I never attracted more than 30-something followers on BlogTalkRadio.

When I switched my podcast to the Spreaker platform in 2014-2015, I immediately noticed an improvement in sound quality. I also noticed that I was attracting thousands of followers -- and tens of thousands of downloads/listens. While I can easily attribute this to the fact that I was discussing some very high-profile topics on my show, I really would like to think it had a lot to do with quality.

That is why the Case to Case podcast has switched back to the Spreaker platform. As of the next episode -- Wed., Jan. 11, 2017 -- you will listen to my podcast in far better quality. The sound will be richer, clearer and less tinny. The problem with BlogTalkRadio is that no matter how expensive your studio equipment is, it sounds like you're broadcasting through a telephone. This could be due to their system originally being set up for telephone use, but I use the direct-connect feature -- using my Blue Yeti microphone. The quality is still terrible. Yes, I am still complaining about this.

Overall, I think it's best for the Case to Case podcast to stay on Spreaker. Judging from the number of downloads and followers I have on that platform, I think it's safe to say that you guys agree.
An accused kidnapper and rapist has been arrested, and now he's facing charges in association with the incident. Police in Morehead, Kentucky say that 25-year-old Carson Carter has admitted to his actions -- and he even offered a bit of a smile in his booking photo.

The incident reportedly took place on Dec. 30, shortly before New Year's Eve celebrations got into full-swing. An unnamed Rowan County woman reported to police that she had been kidnapped and raped by the man, but she had absolutely no memory of how she wound up in his home. This is where the story gets absolutely bizarre.

The unnamed woman told police that she went home from a bar with her fiance', before falling asleep on the couch in the home the couple shared. She said that she later woke up in the presence of the 25-year-old Kentucky man, and she was no longer in her home. She doesn't remember being transported from points (a) to (b). The woman also said that she discovered that the man had raped her over the course of the time that she was unconscious in his custody.

Carson Carter was interrogated by authorities, and quickly admitted to removing the home from her home -- after entering it uninvited. He told police that he raped her while she was asleep on the couch in her residence, shortly before removing her from the home and taking her with him to Elliott County.

The Kentucky man offered no known reasoning for his actions, nor has it been published as to how he knew to enter the woman's home, where she would be sleeping. It seems that there are a lot of details that are yet to be revealed in this bizarre case of kidnapping and rape. Meanwhile, Carson Carter has been charged with 2nd degree rape, 2nd degree burglary and kidnapping. 
Last Friday, a 12-year-old Georgia teen committed suicide, by hanging herself from a tree. To make this already-tragic story worse, The Dreamin' Demon reports that 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis chose to live-stream the entire 45-minute incident, using a popular video-streaming app.

Because of Katelyn's horrifying decision to live-stream her suicide, the video is now permanently on the internet for anyone to see. While that is an utterly disturbing thought, it may also be a blessing -- a video that may deter other suicidal teens (and adults) from going through with their urges.

If you can stomach it, the video can be viewed below. Be warned: This is a 12-year-old girl committing suicide. This is real, this is not a dramatization. If you can't handle this kind of imagery, do not watch it.

This is a truly tragic case of teen suicide, but it's not the first time someone has broadcast such a thing on the internet. Unfortunately, this is just the latest case to make media headlines. What exactly led Katelyn Nichole Davis to take her own life on a live internet stream? What led her to commit such a permanent act of self-harm before an audience of countless people? Her final words, prior to committing suicide, seemed to reveal that this was a deeply depressed child. Were there any red flags that could have prevented this? 

Jan 4, 2017

Two Minnesota parents have been arrested, after they reportedly allowed their seven-year-old son to die of pancreatitis, without seeking medical attention. Ozarks First reports that Timothy and Sarah Johnson, a highly religious couple who have "issues with doctors," chose to pray for their child, instead of taking him to the hospital, when he showed signs of extreme, life-threatening illness.

Police say that the Minnesota couple left the little boy in the care of an older sibling, to go out of town for a wedding, even after they knew that he was gravely ill. The night they returned from their little holiday, they found the seven-year-old lad, named Seth, unresponsive. The parents have noted that he did not "react" when they "prayed for his health."

The parents of this poor child have admitted to police that they were aware that he was ill before they took off and left him in the care of a sibling for a handful of days. They have admitted that they chose to attempt treating him at home, because they were worried that doctors would "put him on medications." Of course, those medications and the attention of trained doctors would have very likely saved the child's life.

Seth died on March 30 of last year, and was found on a vomit-covered mattress in his family's residence. At the time of his death, officials noted that the child was covered with bruises and contusions -- which could indicate possible abuse. Nonetheless, the child's cause of death has been determined as pancreatitis. It should be noted, however, that acute pancreatitis could be caused by injury to the pancreas. Is it possible that this child was the victim of physical child abuse in the days leading to his death? Or do the lad's parents share responsibility for relying on their religion to heal a child who was in severe need of medical attention? 
A Texas man (and his girlfriend) has been arrested on accusations that he violently sexually assaulted a one-year-old infant. KTNV News reports that 23-year-old Isaac Andrew Cardenas is facing charges associated with the incident, which reportedly took place on New Year's Eve.

Police say that they were alerted to the incident the night it took place. They responded to an emergency call on Saturday night, believing that the one-year-old girl had been bitten by dogs in an attack at the Bexar County residence. However, a medical examination of the child showed that dogs had absolutely nothing to do with the numerous injuries she sustained.

Police say that the child had been violently sexually assaulted, beaten and stabbed multiple times -- leaving her fortunate to have survived at all. Police say she was stabbed in multiple parts of her body -- including her genitals -- which could have been done in an attempt to mask the sexual assault that had been committed. Fortunately, the child is reportedly "in stable condition," at a San Antonio hospital.

Isaac Andrew Cardenas has been charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Crystal Herrera, has also been arrested. The 22-year-old woman has been charged with injury to a child by omission. In other words, the woman is accused of standing by and allowing her boyfriend to sexually assault and stab the one-year-old infant. Authorities aren't clarifying on the relationship between the Texas couple and the one-year-old victim, but they do confirm that she is "related to Herrera."

Hopefully more information comes out in this case, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the victim is the daughter of the woman pictured in the above mugshot (left). If my suspicions are correct, then that would make the Texas woman just another one of those women who have sacrificed their children to the deviances of the men they allow into their lives. It's fortunate that the infant is in stable condition after suffering such a horrendous attack. Hopefully this innocent child receives total justice for what was allegedly done to her.
Who is Sahara Sue? The simplest answer is that this is the nickname given to a young woman, who was found slain in Las Vegas, on Aug. 14, 1979. This Jane Doe has remained unidentified for nearly 40 years, making her one of Sin City's oldest unsolved cases (of which there are many). The details surrounding this unidentified murder victim are disturbing -- especially given the fact that her killer has never been identified or brought to justice.

The body of this unidentified woman was located in a vacant parking lot near Las Vegas Blvd. S., and Sahara Ave., -- a location which lent in giving this Jane Doe her notorious nickname. When her body was found, it was believed that she had only been dead for a handful of hours. She was violently murdered, with several stab wounds to her abdomen, among other injuries. There was no doubt upon the discovery of her body that Sahara Sue was the victim of a homicide -- but she had no identification on her, and no means by which to find out her true identity.

Shortly before the discovery of her body, witnesses in the area claimed to see a woman matching her description walking into a liquor store with an unknown white male. Through police investigations, it was found that the stabbing victim may have worked in a motel in the city, and may have gone by the name "Shawna" or "Shauna." Forensic testing of her body -- during an autopsy -- revealed that she may have spent time in California shortly before her violent demise.

Even with the tidbits of evidence gathered, it has still been over 38 years since this unidentified woman's body was discovered. Over the course of these many years, she has not been positively identified. Many missing women have been ruled out, and none have offered any definitive match to this Las Vegas Jane Doe.

Will we ever know the true identity of Sin City's Sahara Sue?

Authorities in Brunswick, North Carolina are looking for two missing teenagers, who were last seen around Jan. 3, 2017. Sixteen-year-old River Boyd is believed to be in the company of 14-year-old Macayla Wallace. Both teens are believed to be traveling in a 2007 silver Honda Civic.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children "Caution is advised" regarding these two missing teenagers. However, no further details are being offered as to why caution is being encouraged. No reports are indicating whether or not these two teens are a danger to themselves or others.

It's been more than 24 hours since Macayla and River have been seen, and investigators believe that they could be in Georgia. If you feel that you know something about this disappearance, or if you think you may have seen either of them, please do not hesitate to call 911.
This week's podcast went smoothly, though I wish the sound quality would have been a bit better. Nonetheless, the show's back with aims to be a regular, weekly broadcast -- and that's all that matters!

This week I discussed the parole hearing of notorious double-murderer Betty Broderick. I played testimony from Betty's trial, along with excerpts from her last parole hearing -- which was obviously denied. At the time of this blog post, it's not known whether or not Betty will continue to spend her time behind the walls of a prison -- but most people believe that is exactly where she belongs.

I also discussed some of the more disturbing cases surrounding "shitty parenting" in the news over the past week -- and brought up the question "is it safe to cosleep with your infant?"

I also highlighted the unsolved disappearance of Nevada teenager Cassy Kauffman. The 15-year-old Northern Nevada teen has been missing for two months -- and her loved ones (and authorities) believe she is in the company of a 20-year-old fugitive. If you know anything about the disappearance of Cassy Kauffman, please immediately contact the Washoe County Sheriff's Office at (775) 328-3320 -- or call 911.

Please tune in to next week's podcast. Every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m., PST, I broadcast live for a half hour (sometimes longer)!

Jan 2, 2017

This week's podcast -- Jan. 4, 2017 @6:00 p.m., PST -- will be about the topic of bad parenting. In particular, this week's show will focus on some of the most outrageous crime cases in the news regarding shitty parenting, child neglect, abuse and more.

I encourage live calls throughout the show!

I will also talk a little about my upcoming true crime book, titled Mommy Issues.

Be sure to bookmark this week's episode (click here), and call me during the broadcast to comment on some of the shocking stories I'll cover.

Authorities in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma are looking for 26-year-old Donella Zukosky -- who has not been in contact with her loved ones since Oct. 19, 2016. With it being nearly three months since this young woman vanished, already-present fears surrounding her disappearance are heightened. In particular, her loved ones worry that she's either become the victim of foul play, or has somehow been kidnapped by human traffickers.

The Oklahoma woman reportedly left her residence to visit a friend, but never returned. Although she has a history of dropping out of contact for brief periods of time, her family and friends say that she wouldn't disappear for this long. Sadly, she has a reported history of drug abuse, which could possibly be behind this recent disappearance. Police in Haileyville, Oklahoma say that they aren't ruling anything out -- including the possibility that she was murdered.

If you know anything about this disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the Haileyville Police via the number on the pictured flyer. Please share the flyer to spread awareness of Donella's disappearance. 

Jan 1, 2017

Update 1-2-2017: Lyric has been located, and is safe.

Authorities in Las Vegas, Nevada are looking for 14-year-old Lyric Anderson. The missing girl was last seen on December 31st -- New Year's Eve -- but has not been seen since. Furthermore, she has not made any contact with her loved ones, leading them to report her missing.

Please share the CFSI Nevada flyer by clicking here (photos of missing teen available)

Lyric Anderson stands at approximately 5'4", and weighs 135 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes. If you have any information about her whereabouts, or if you think you may have sighted this missing teenager, please do not hesitate to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (702) 874-1336. You can also contact CFSI ( The Center for Search & Investigations) at (512) 537-6603.